Who kills Theodore Bagwell?

Who kills Theodore Bagwell?

Theodore Bagwell killed the most people of the main characters with a count of 31 (although he possibly killed 1244 people off-screen), followed by Alexander Mahone with 19….Trivia.

Season Kills
Season 1 2
Season 2 6
Season 3 2
Season 4 2

What happens to Bagwell in Prison Break?

Bagwell was sentenced to life in prison for six counts each of kidnapping, rape and murder at Donaldson Prison in Alabama.

Who did T-Bag love?

T-Bag and Susan were in love with each other and her kids liked T-Bag aswell. Later that night when T-Bag was playing with Susan’s kids, Susan saw on the TV that T-Bag was wanted. T-Bag was reported by her and ended up in prison. All this was shown in the Brother’s Keeper (episode) in Season 1.

Was T-Bag inbred?

Background Background. Theodore Bagwell was born on 8 August 1959 and of both incest and rape; his father had sexually assaulted his Down syndrome-afflicted sister, who later gave birth to Theodore.

What is a good T Bag quote from prison break?

Prison Break t bag quotes. 1- “Remember, pretty, I am servin’ life plus one. So if I get busted for attempted escape, I’m goin’ to throw in a homicide no problem, that’s like a parkin’ ticket to me.” T-Bag. 2- “Of all the things that mystify me in this world since I’ve been released, is that kale is the rage. Kale.”

Is Michael dead or Alive in prison break?

It’s been close to a decade since Prison Break supposedly concluded, with Michael sacrificing his own life to free Sara from prison. However, season 5 has now aired, and Michael is alive! For those who have never seen the show, it is indeed exactly as it sounds…

What are some good quotes about the badge?

The only difference between us and them is the badge.” “I’ll always be a step ahead of you. I can see everything in your eyes.” “You don’t go looking for trouble in here, it just finds you.” “When Michael takes on the world, the world always loses.”

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