Who played Naomi Parsons in NCIS: New Orleans?

Who played Naomi Parsons in NCIS: New Orleans?

Kate Beahan
Kate Beahan: ADFIS Agent Naomi Parsons Jump to: Photos (1)

Who is the new female on NCIS: New Orleans?

‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Vanessa Ferlito Cast As New Regular In Season 3 | Vanessa ferlito, Ncis, Ncis new.

Who played Allison on NCIS: New Orleans?

Diane Neal
Born November 17, 1976 Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.
Education Harvard Extension School
Occupation Actress, Comedian, Podcast Host
Years active 2001–present

Who are the female characters on NCIS: New Orleans?


Character Portrayed by Occupation
Sonja Percy Shalita Grant NCIS Special Agent
Tammy Gregorio Vanessa Ferlito Former FBI Special Agent/ NCIS Special Agent
Hannah Khoury Necar Zadegan NCIS Special Agent

Who played Gregorios ex husband on NCIS: New Orleans?

Who plays Tammy’s ex-husband Ethan Mckinley in NCIS NOLA? Tammy’s troublesome ex-husband Ethan is portrayed by actor Ed Quinn, who also works as a model and a musician.

Who plays Kara on NCIS: New Orleans?

Anna Enger Ritch – IMDb.

Is that a real bar on NCIS: New Orleans?

Better known as the Tru Tone Bar to NCIS: New Orleans fanatics, the R Bar is a local hangout located inside of the Royal Street Inn.

Why did Percy and Brody leave NCIS: New Orleans?

“It’s just time for a change,” the actress’ manager said in a statement. “This is about moving on to the next great thing.” Zoey McLellan, who played Meredith Brody in New Orleans’ first two seasons, left the show “for creative reasons” ahead of Season 3 (and this season joined ABC’s Designated Survivor).

Why did Gregorio leave NCIS New Orleans?

Because of how a case failed to be solved, Gregorio gets fired from the FBI in Follow the Money, despite it not really being her fault. In the next episode she helps the NCIS team bring down the criminal from the case she was fired because of.

Who was Marta Goldstein?

Marta Goldstein was the script supervisor on NCIS New Orleans and had been so for five years, according to her IMDB profile. She worked on a total of 81 episodes of the CBS drama, helping to oversee the continuity of the series.

What street is NCIS: New Orleans filmed on?

NCIS: New Orleans NCIS New Orleans was filmed in Café Du Monde and nearby Jackson Square, the centerpiece of the Tremé neighborhood known as Louis Armstrong Park, plus the city’s most famous mile-long strip known as Bourbon Street.

Where do they shoot NCIS: New Orleans?

It would seem a bit silly to name a show after a place and not actually film there, especially with all of the different variations of NCIS shows that take place across America. So yes, the series is filmed in the Big Easy with a lot of the production taking place at the NIMS Center soundstage.

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