Who was the black man in The Shootist?

Who was the black man in The Shootist?

In 1976, Wayne starred in Don Siegel’s The Shootist, also starring Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard and James Stewart. It was Wayne’s final cinematic role, whose main character, J. B. Books, was dying of cancer, to which Wayne himself succumbed three years later.

Who narrates the Shootist?

J.B. Books
Gillom Rogers: [first lines, voiceover] His name was J.B. Books, and he had a matching pair of 45’s with antique ivory grips that were something to behold.

Is the movie Shootist on Netflix?

Rent The Shootist (1976) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

What kind of hat did John Wayne wear in The Shootist?

Stetson’s J.B. Books is a replica of the hat worn by John Wayne in the 1976 film The Shootist. Made in the USA it is constructed of quality light grey fur felt and has a 4 1/2″ brim and a hand creased crown that is approximately 5 1/2″.

Was JB books a real gunfighter?

He plays J.B. Books, a character based on the real-life gunman John Wesley Hardin, who earned a law degree in a Texas prison and was later gunned down at the Acme Saloon in El Paso. In The Shootist, released in 1976, Books has come to Carson City, Nev., to see his old friend Doc Hostetler (James Stewart).

Was John Wayne’s last movie The Shootist?

Wayne’s final film, The Shootist (1976), in which he portrays an aging gunfighter who is dying of cancer, was praised by many as his best western since Rio Bravo. This role was a poignant screen farewell for an actor who himself would succumb to cancer three years later.

Where can I see the Shootist?

Streaming on Roku. The Shootist, an action movie starring John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, and James Stewart is available to stream now. Watch it on Pluto TV – It’s Free TV, Frndly TV, The Roku Channel, Philo, Spectrum TV, Vudu Movie & TV Store, VUDU or Prime Video on your Roku device.

Where was The Shootist filmed?

Carson City
The film’s outdoor scenes were filmed on location in Carson City. Bond Rogers’ boarding house is the 1914 Krebs-Peterson House, located in Carson City’s historic residential district. The buggy ride was shot at Washoe Lake State Park, in the Washoe Valley, between Reno and Carson City.

What was John Wayne’s favorite hat?

In many of his movies, John Wayne wore a grey or silverbelly hat with a front-pinched, diamond-creased crown—said to be his personal favorite style. For the most part, the hats worn by actors are simply part of the costumes donned for a production.

Who made John Wayne’s boots?

A Facebook post by John Wayne Enterprises on Jan. 14, 2016, included a photo of Lucchese boots and states, “Did you know … John Wayne had his boots made by Lucchese Boot Company in San Antonio, Texas?” The photo is credited to “A collection of John Wayne’s Lucchese Boots.”

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