Why did the old woman visit Arachne?

Why did the old woman visit Arachne?

Story summary The goddess Athene, inventor of the art of weaving, hears rumours of a Lydian woman, Arachne, boasting that she is so skilled at the loom that her talent compares to that of the immortals. Angered by Arachne’s arrogance, Athene visits her in the guise of an old woman.

Where did the story take place Arachne?

The story of Arachne and Athena begins in the region of Lydia (now modern day Turkey). This ancient region was once home to a beautiful maiden named Arachne. Being the daughter of a craftsman, she came from humble beginnings and learning from her father she developed an incredible talent for weaving.

What was Arachne famous for around Greece?

In Greek mythology , Arachne (pronounced uh-RAK-nee) was a peasant girl who became an expert spinner and weaver of cloth. No human could spin or weave as well as Arachne, or produce finer cloth. She became famous throughout Greece for her singular talent.

What is the moral of Arachne?

What is the moral of the Arachne story? No matter how skilled people are, they are never any match for the gods. People need to remember their place, and not try to be stronger or wiser or smarter than the gods, or bad things will happen to them. And good women, because that is their fate, should always be spinning.

What is a main message of the story of Arachne?

At its heart, Arachne is a story about pride and human limitation. An incredibly talented Weaver, Arachne is a young girl who feeds on the praise of her patrons. Eventually, youth and inexperience, coupled with consciousness of her superb gifts, causes Arachne to boast that her weaving is better even than Athena’s.

What is the setting of the story Arachne the weaver?

Setting: The story takes place in a simple, small village in Greece. Arachne was a plain,pale, young mortal who was famous for her legendary fleece weaving. Arachne’s decision is that she challenges Athena to a weaving contest and completes that challenge.

What was Jason’s boat called?

ship Argo
… famous voyage of the ship Argo in which Jason and other heroes sailed to Colchis to bring the Golden Fleece back to Thessaly.

What is an interesting fact about Arachne?

She was the daughter of a well-known dyer in purple known as Idmon of Colophon. Arachne was believed to be the inventor of nets and linen cloth. Her son, Closter, is attributed to being the first to use spindle in manufacturing wool. Ovid writes in Metamorphoses that Arachne started weaving at a young age.

What lesson is learned in the myth Arachne?

The Lesson of Arachne the Weaver Like many of the myths involving competitions with the gods, the lesson of Arachne’s story is one of pride and humility. Since the gods were seen as the granters of all of man’s talents and abilities, to claim to be better than the gods was a personal affront.

What is Arachne’s theme?

What is the plot of the story Arachne?

She would weave day and night. She boasted about being a better weaver than even the goddess Athena herself, who was the goddess of skill. After hearing Arachne’s statement, Athena confronted her and a contest was planned to see who was the better weaver. The loser of the contest could never weave on their loom again.

Where did Jason and the Argonauts travel?

They go into exile in Corinth where the king offers Jason his daughter in marriage. He agrees and so violates his vow to the gods to be true only to Medea.

Was the Argo a real ship?

The god Dionysius did not call the Argo the first ship, but rather a well crafted vessel. Some sources state that since people had not seen a ship before they described the Argo as a monster. The Argo was built in Thessaly around the area of Mount Pelion. Sextus Propertius claimed it departed from the port of Pagasa.

Was Arachne better than Athena?

Arachne’s work was clearly better than Athena’s; the goddess even more enraged due to what the weaving depicted, threw Hecate’s potion onto Arachne, transforming her into a spider and condemning her to weave for eternity.

What is the moral lesson of the story of Arachne?

The Lesson of Arachne the Weaver Like many of the myths involving competitions with the gods, the lesson of Arachne’s story is one of pride and humility.

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