Why do teams build out from the back?

Why do teams build out from the back?

The simple explanation for teams passing out from the back is that it allows them to keep control of the ball.

How do you play out of the back 9v9?

Key Coaching Points

  1. Pattern for playing out of the back.
  2. Goals acting as defenders.
  3. Concentrate on movement to create space and weight of the pass.
  4. Final pass is to encourage a pass in behind. The goal acts as the last defender. Stay on side. Drive through gate for goal.

How do you play possession in football?

In possession football, teams will have to move up the field to squeeze the space and not allow the opposition to get on the ball. The defenders, especially the central defenders (as well as the goalkeeper) must play the ball from the back, keeping hold of the ball and moving up the field.

Who invented playing from the back in football?

Tiki-taka diverged from its Total Football roots by subordinating everything to the pass: Guardiola played a centre-forward as a false nine to keep the ball moving fluidly from different angles; he played the full-backs higher; he selected midfielders in defence to exploit their passing ability; and he forced the …

How do you defend against playing from the back?

FB Trap -Defending against playing from the back (10 mins) Allow ball to centre back to receive, Striker begins slow gentle pressure (green line), towards covering the pass to the opposite centre back, allowing ball out to full back.

How do you play right back effectively?

The right back should move forward to support the right wing to offer a back ward outlet to the player on the ball.

  1. Note: The winger, with support from the right back, doesn’t need to force a pass into an area covered by the defense.
  2. Note: Observe the movement of the other two defenders as the right back moves forward.

What is a wingback in soccer?

The wing-back position in football is essentially a mixture of a full-back and a winger. They play on either side of the defence, helping to provide width to a team.

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