Can you do organic chemistry online?

Can you do organic chemistry online?

Many schools offer online organic chemistry courses. Courses are most commonly offered in bachelor’s degree programs in chemistry while some courses are available through free, non-credit options to reinforce learning.

What is the best app for learning organic chemistry?

Chemistry Pro is amongst the best chemistry learning app available on Android. The app provides free chemistry topics, definitions and the periodic table. It helps users to refresh their knowledge, prepare for exams, and increase their knowledge.

Which website is best for learning chemistry?

Best Chemistry Websites

  • EdX Chemistry Courses Portal.

What is organic chemistry lab?

ATS’ organic chemistry labs have the capability to analyze a variety of organic compounds — whether they are simple alkanes or more complex compounds.

Is there an app that solves organic chemistry?

1. Equate Formula Solver. Equate is an app which collates a library of useful chemistry formulas, equations spanning across several topics, and enables the user to initially solve problems, and then challenge themselves with questions to apply their understanding and to build confidence in using these formulas.

Can you teach yourself chemistry?

Chemistry is a logical science. You can master the essential concepts yourself. You can study these concepts in any order, but it’s probably best to start from the top and work your way down, since many concepts build on understanding units, conversion, and how atoms and molecules interact.

Is chemistry on Khan Academy?

A summary of math and science knowledge to get you ready for learning chemistry on Khan Academy!

Is organic chemistry just memorization?

The number one reason people find organic difficult is they try to memorize everything. This course is not about memorization. You can’t memorize hundreds of reactions, and you certainly can’t memorize Stereochemistry. Treat organic like a math course; work lots of problems and learn the process.

Is organic lab hard?

Orgo lab is not hard at all, you just need to learn to master the skills to make sure that you have a high yield of products.

How can I be better at chemistry lab?


  1. Read the manual. Actually read it (skimming doesn’t teach you the details), then read it again, and then try to explain it to someone else in detail.
  2. Keep a good lab notebook. Write down everything you do, exactly how you do it, and why you are doing it.
  3. Be careful with your experiments.

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