Can you tour Alaska by train?

Can you tour Alaska by train?

The Alaska Railroad is your ticket to the most memorable Alaska day trips and excursions. Our summer train schedules pair perfectly with a wide variety of unique Alaska activities: from Anchorage, take the train to Seward for a wildlife and glacier cruise before the return rail journey to Anchorage that evening.

Is the train in Alaska worth it?

Worth every penny and I will definitely recommend people take the train to get to their port of call or to see Alaska. I didn’t know what to expect on this train ride, but it was PERFECT! Super glad we booked it. Great way to sightsee on our way to catch our ship in Seward!

How much is the Alaska train tour?


Route Adventure Class Adult/Child (2-11) GoldStar Service Adult/Child (2-11)
Anchorage to Seward $116/58 $231/136 (B)
Anchorage to Seward RT $197/99 $393/231 (B) (D)
Girdwood to Seward $116/58 $231/136 (B)
Girdwood to Seward RT $197/99 $393/231 (B) (D)

Are there scenic train rides in Alaska?

Discover Alaska by Rail Riding the scenic Alaska Railroad is a relaxing and memorable experience where you can sit back and relax in the comfort of one of the train’s glass-domed cars or from an outdoor viewing platform to enjoy the stunning landscapes.

Is Skagway Alaska worth visiting?

Skagway, Alaska is a historic city in the Alaska Panhandle. It’s home to approximately 1,000 residents but it sees nearly 1 million tourists each year. It’s no wonder why people love it – Skagway offers access to breathtaking train rides, epic scenery, and lots of Klondike Gold Rush history.

How much is the train ride in Skagway?

Rates: $95.00 USD Adult & $47.50 USD Child (One Way) Duration: 1.75 Hours Passport required? Yes, this trip is considered PASSPORT REQUIRED. * Departures from Skagway at 7:40am and 12:40pm requires a .

Can you walk around Skagway?

The tours are priced at $416 for their 3-hour 9 person tours, $927 for a 7-hour 9 person tour, $463 for their 3-hour 14 person tours, and $1,081 for their 7-hour 14 person tour. The National Park Service offers a free ranger-led walking tour of Skagway’s historic district.

How long is the train ride from Skagway to Whitehorse?

The best way to get from Skagway to Whitehorse is to bus which takes 4h 35m and costs . Alternatively, you can train, which costs $22 – $50 and takes 7h 32m.

Can you travel to Alaska without a vaccine?

The U.S. border is open to fully-vaccinated international travelers for non-essential travel with proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Please visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security FAQ page for more information. ALASKA HIGHWAY UPDATE, JULY 7, 2022: The Alaska Highway is open.

Is Skagway worth visiting?

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