Do violas like sun or shade?

Do violas like sun or shade?

Ideally, pansies and violas like lots of sun in the spring and early summer, but they tend to struggle with too much summer heat. A great setting would be one that gets full sun before the trees are fully leafed out and dappled shade during the summer.

Is Viola odorata annual or perennial?

Deliciously scented, Viola odorata (Sweet Violet) is an indispensable perennial for the shade garden. Blooming in late winter and early spring, it provides attractive foliage, fragrance, and color at a season when few other plants are at their peak.

Is sweet violet invasive?

The fragrant sweet violet, Viola odorata, is often accused of the invasive crimes of its wild relative, but it is a European import, although widely naturalized, while the common wild blue violet, now known as Viola sororia, is a North American native.

Can you grow sweet violets in pots?

Sweet violets can be grown in pots and placed indoors or on porches. However, they are best suited for ground cover in gardens areas like those at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. You can use the Viola odorata to add more color to a garden bed or rock garden.

What temperatures can violas tolerate?

Temperature & Humidity Violas love the cool weather of early spring and thrive in milder temperatures from 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Mulch and water will help offset the stress of high temperatures. With proper care, violas can bloom all summer and most will bloom again in the fall.

Can violas tolerate shade?

Light: Violas are tolerant of most conditions, yet will thrive in full sun or part shade especially during the spring, yet will easily fade in full sun during summer heat, and best to transplant into dappled shade. Soil: Moist, nutrient-rich soil that is well drained and supplemented with compost.

Will violets grow in shade?

Although violets tolerate of a variety of light conditions, most will grow best in full sun to partial shade. Some woodland species tolerate more shade; in fact they can be planted in areas considered to be full shade.

Can violets be grown indoors?

Can you grow violets inside? The short answer is: no. Violets like full sun, cool weather, and consistently moist soil. It’s hard to give them any of these things indoors, let alone all three.

Are sweet violets weeds?

Wild violets are also edible weeds. Both the flowers and leaves can be eaten, and young leaves have a pleasant nutty taste.

How often do you water sweet violets?

2. Water the plant as needed to keep the soil moist, as sweet violet is a woodland plant that prefers damp soil. Don’t water excessively, as the plant can rot in soggy soil. Never allow the soil to become bone dry.

How long will violas last?

With proper care, violas can bloom all summer and most will bloom again in the fall. Or, particularly in hot, southern climates, they can be removed and replaced with another flower during the summer, then planted again when cooler weather returns in the fall.

Are violets indoor or outdoor plants?

Where to Grow African Violets. African violets are strictly indoor plants in North America, largely because their leaves need to stay dry. Grow plants in bright, indirect light for the best color and blooms.

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