Does Uncommon Goods have coupons?

Does Uncommon Goods have coupons?

We frequently add new items to our Sale section, and these items are discounted between 10% and 70% off of the original price. Coupons: Coupon sites will sometimes post discount codes for Uncommon Goods, but we are not running any promotions or discounts.

Where to add coupon Code Uncommon Goods?

You’ll see a drop-down link that says Uncommon Credit or Gift Certificate. Tap this and enter any codes you have in the text box that appears.

Does Uncommon Goods Offer Free shipping?

Uncommon Goods offers a subscription-based free shipping program that you can sign up for to save money if you’re a frequent shopper. For $14.90 per year, you can receive free standard shipping (three to five days) on all orders.

How fast does Uncommon Goods ship?

Interested in free Standard shipping? Try Uncommon Perks for free for 14 days and get unlimited free Standard shipping (typically 3-7 business days) within the US for only $19.90 a year after your trial ends.

How do you contact Uncommon Goods?

(888) 365-0056Uncommon Goods / Customer service

How much is an Uncommon Goods membership fee?

Try it for FREE for two weeks and get unlimited standard shipping. Become a member for $19.90 a year and the free shipping—and other good stuff—never stops.

Is uncommon stuff legit?

UncommonGoods has a consumer rating of 2.48 stars from 305 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about UncommonGoods most frequently mention customer service, credit card and christmas gift problems.

Who does Uncommon Goods use for shipping?

We primarily use USPS and FedEx. Orders shipped with Economy service are typically delivered by USPS.

How do I cancel uncommon goods order?

Cancel your order online:

  1. Sign into your account or look up your order here.
  2. Enter your 8-digit order number and billing address zip code.
  3. Click the CANCEL SHIPMENT link.
  4. Enter the email address used to place the order.
  5. Select the reason for cancellation from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click the CANCEL SHIPMENT button.

Can you cancel Uncommon Goods free trial?

Uncommon Perks Free Trial You can cancel your trial at any time by logging into your Uncommon Goods account and going to your Perks Account Page. We reserve the right to disable the free trial offer at any point.

Is Etsy like Uncommon Goods?

2. Uncommon Goods. Launched in 1999, Uncommon Goods actually precedes Etsy’s handmade market domination. The goal of Uncommon Goods is to connect the consumer with artisans regardless of their location in the world.

What kind of company is Uncommon Goods?

Private company
Uncommon Goods

Type Private company
Industry E-commerce
Founded New York City, US (1999)
Founder David Bolotsky
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY , US

How long does uncommon goods take to deliver?

How long do uncommon goods take to ship?

Most orders leave our warehouse within 2 – 5 business days. Orders placed with Expedited or Express shipping will leave our warehouse even faster. We’ll email you tracking as soon as it’s available. Orders that are placed on weekends will not ship until at least the next business day.

Does Uncommon Goods have free returns?

To start your return online and print a free return label go to our Order Lookup page or visit our Return Instructions FAQ. Return Processing Time: Returns typically take 2-3 weeks to receive and process.

Does uncommon goods ship fast?

Who does Uncommon Goods ship with?

We primarily use USPS and FedEx. Orders shipped with Economy service are typically delivered by USPS. We use two regional carriers called OnTrac & CDL for some of our orders shipping to the western (OnTrac) and eastern (CDL) portion of the United States.

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