How big is a personal sized Bible?

How big is a personal sized Bible?

Size: 5.375 x 8.375.

What version of the Bible is the MacArthur Study Bible?

the New King James Version
Featuring the word-for-word accuracy of the New King James Version, The MacArthur Study Bible is perfect for serious study. Dr. John MacArthur has compiled more than 20,000 study notes, a 200-page topical index, and numerous charts, maps, outlines, and articles to create The MacArthur Study Bible.

Is the MacArthur Study Bible Good?

Another reviewer notes this is a “good study Bible to have”. They commend the notes and study features as well as the fact that the study is available in multiple Bible translations including ESV, NASB, NIV, and NKJV. They love the quality of the genuine leather cover and are confident in the durability of the book.

Is MacArthur Study Bible Red Letter?

A red letter edition is so much better for obvious reasons that it’s almost unbelievable that MacArthur would not sanction to have the words of Christ highlighted in red in his study Bible. Other than that, the notes and commentary are expert, authoritative and reliable.

What size is Thinline Bible?

Measuring less than an inch thick, the. Features: Complete text of the readable, accurate and clear New International Version (NIV) Less than one inch thick.

What is Personal Reference Bible?

The ESV Personal Reference Bible is a compact and portable reference Bible in a single-column text setting with line-matching for improved readability, a concordance, and a full set of cross-references. The ESV Personal Reference Bible is a compact reference Bible in a single-column setting.

How big is a compact Bible?

3.9375″ x 6″
Size: 3.9375″ x 6″ 6-point Lexicon type.

What does Thinline Large Print Bible mean?

The ESV Large Print Thinline Bible includes the entire ESV text in a readable, larger type size, while maintaining a portable format at less than 1-inch thick, making it a great choice for easy transport.

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