How can I activate BulSU portal?

How can I activate BulSU portal?

How to activate BulSU portal

  1. By using your internet device, go to Bulacan State University web portal and click on the icon named “CREATE ACCOUNT.” The icon is maroon in color and located at the distant top right corner of the website.
  2. Key in the correct information in every section of the “Sign Up” box.

How can I create a BulSU PH account?

Go to and click the CREATE ACCOUNT button or go directly to

How can I create BSU portal account?


  1. Visit bsu.
  2. Click Create an Account.
  3. On the dropdown button, select the Student account tyoe.
  4. Fill out all the necessary information.
  5. Check your registered email for the account details and verification code.
  6. Enter the verification code sent to your email then click “Submit”.

How do I apply to BulSU?

To start your application, search for This link will be available for use starting March 15, 2021. Click “Apply Now”. Carefully read the “General Guidelines on Online Application”.

Is there an entrance exam in Bulacan State University?

The BulSU Admission Test that the Office administers, ensures that qualifiers meet the stringent and admission standards of the University. The Admissions Office evaluates the credentials of all applicants for admission to determine their qualifications to take the Univesity entrance examinations.

Is BulSU public or private?

public university
Bulacan State University (BulSU or BSU; Filipino: Pamantasang Pampamahalaan ng Bulacan) is a public university in Bulacan province, Philippines. Its main campus is in Malolos.

Where can I find my BSU student ID?

Your Ball State ID number is a unique number generated when you become a student or employee. To find your Ball State ID number, log into myBSU, click on Self-Service Banner, then click the Personal Information tab.

Does BulSU have entrance exam?

Is Bulacan State University good?

BulSU has recently received its ISO 9001:2015 Certification, passed the Level II Institutional Accreditation while 50 academic programs of the different Colleges are already accredited by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACCUP), Inc.

How do I log into BSU portal?


  1. Open your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  2. Go to BSU E-learning Portal.
  3. Select Log in.
  4. Once logged in, scroll down the page to Course Categories.

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