How can I decorate my dresser?

How can I decorate my dresser?

Choose accent pieces of varied sizes and shapes—any of the following are great choices:

  1. Houseplants.
  2. Framed photos.
  3. Candles.
  4. One or two hardback books.
  5. Decorative boxes or vases.
  6. Jewelry box.
  7. Antique glass jars or Mason jars filled with jewelry or interesting small items.

How do you decorate a dresser drawer?

99 Clever Ways To Transform A Boring Dresser

  1. Paint a tribute to Warhol.
  2. Add fabric to the sides of the drawers.
  3. Cover the drawers with faux wood paneling.
  4. Use lace to re-cover the drawers.
  5. Paint stripes (even on laminate)
  6. Use stenciled letters to mark a special occasion.
  7. Or your favorite song.

What do you hang over a dresser?

Infuse your personal style into the bedroom, and incorporate visually appealing decor by decorating above your dresser using any of the following items:

  • A Mirror.
  • Some Jewelry Hooks.
  • Family Pictures.
  • A Few Pieces of Decor.
  • Large Clock.
  • Personal TV.

What should you display on a dresser?

Vases filled with flowers or greenery, items collected on nature walks and unscented candles are all good things to include in an open dresser. The candles and flowers (or foliage) bring some life to an arrangement of plates and platters and can be put to work at the dinner table for a fuss-free centrepiece.

How do you spice up a dresser?

Immobilize a few as playful, bold drawer pulls.

  1. In an Hour: Customize Drawers With Decals.
  2. In a Day: Wrap It Up.
  3. In a Day: Paint On Cheerful Stripes.
  4. In a Day: Give Your Dresser Retro Swagger.
  5. In a Day: Outline Your Dresser.
  6. In a Day: Add a Chevron Pattern.
  7. In a Weekend: Turn a Dresser Into a Vanity.

What do you put in dresser drawers?

Hosiery, socks, underwear, accessories, pajamas, and t-shirts are great for drawers, while bulkier items take up more space folded than on hangers. Move button down shirts and blouses, sweaters, and pants to the closet or another storage space for the off-season.

What can I put over a dresser instead of a mirror?

The best items you can put above a dresser is a mirror, artwork, picture frames, flower vase, books, clock, candles, a tray, jewelry hook, and other cute trinkets and accessories that will look good on or above the dresser. These items are usually the most popular accessories that tend to look best.

What should be kept in a dresser?

Generally you will have delicates, pajamas, casual shirts, dress shirts, casual pants, dress pants, heavy sweaters and light sweaters. Pants should really be stored separately, as should sweaters, so try to set aside a drawer just for these items. Generally, these items can be split very nicely between four drawers.

What do you keep on a dresser?

Potential Items You Might Want To Keep On Your Dresser Even After Decluttering

  1. Small jewelry box, or holder for other accessories.
  2. Framed picture of family or friends.
  3. Decorative knick knacks (within reason) such as a candle, artwork, lamps, etc.

How do you style a dresser in front of a window?

Another brilliant idea for placing a dresser in front of is using a light wooden colored, medium-tall dresser. If you have a wall space between two windows, place such a dresser just in between the windows. As the dresser will cover only a small part of the windows, you will still have abundant natural light.

Are dresser mirrors out of style?

Dressers with mirrors are not out of style, but they aren’t as commonplace as they once were. If you choose a dresser and mirror combo, there is a risk that it may look dated. Some people may consider some dressers with mirrors out of style as many older options were bulky and very ornate.

What should I keep in my dresser?

Potential Items You Might Want To Keep On Your Dresser Even After Decluttering

  • Small jewelry box, or holder for other accessories.
  • Framed picture of family or friends.
  • Decorative knick knacks (within reason) such as a candle, artwork, lamps, etc.

How do you maximize a dresser space?

Using her clothes folding method, you can keep your drawers organized and gain up to 50% more drawer space….Vertical folding for your clothes and linens

  1. long sleeve shirts and T-shirts.
  2. underwear.
  3. long pants and shorts.
  4. socks and stockings.
  5. pajamas/nightwear.
  6. linens.

What do you put in empty dresser drawers?

Dresser drawers provide an excellent place to store T-shirts, tank tops, socks, and other articles of clothing. But they also can wind up becoming a spot to pack away items you don’t wear—and probably won’t wear again.

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