How can I register for Medical Council in Maharashtra?

How can I register for Medical Council in Maharashtra?

Once confirmation came from your parent council MMC will send you an e-mail. Then after you have to take appointment (within 7 working days ) for hard copy document submission with submitted application form (you can take submitted application form print from Doctors profile Menu in your login.)

How do I check a Doctors certificate?

Verify the Medical Council of India (MCI) certificate online. Users can verify details by selecting type of certificate such as provisional or permanent certificate for Indian or foreign qualifications and entering certificate number.

How can I find my doctor registration number in India?

Indian Medical Registry Search To search the database for Registered Doctors , please enter / Select the Name, Qualification, Registration Year, Registration No, Registered Council that you want to search, given below. Search IMR by : Name. Year of Registration.

How do I renew my Maharashtra Medical Council registration?

Please Renew your registration online before due date on MMC Website.

  1. Click on below link for guidelines for Renewal application. for.
  2. Login to MMC website and follow instructions given below.

How do I find my MCI registration number?

Register by visiting and click on “Doctor Login.” Enter basic information like Name and Contact details including email address. A User Id and password will be sent to the email address.

How do I register with MCI?

The applicant first needs to register on the MCI website Once registered, to complete the application, the applicant must log in with the given User ID and password. After logging in, click on the Eligibility Certificate which is available on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

How can I renew my medical license in Maharashtra?

Apply In-Person: DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED TO THE LICENSING AUTHORITY ,DRUGS CONTROL ADMINISTRATION BY THE APPLICANT FOR GRANT/ RENEWAL OF LICENCES IN FORM-25, 28, 32 AND 36. You can procure the application form from the respective address mentioned above. Fill the form and attach required documents with it.

What does MCI number mean?

AURANGABAD: The Medical Council of India (MCI) has decided to bring all medical practitioners in the country under a single digital system by issuing each of them a Unique Permanent Registration Number (UPRN).

What is MCI registration?

Medical Council of India (MCI) is planning to introduce a new registration system for doctors. “This means doctors practising in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh will have to be registered in all three states simultaneously, irrespective of the place they got their degrees from.

Is MCI registration necessary?

The Medical Council of India (MCI) Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) was established in 2002. Hence, candidates who have qualified their medical studies on or before March 15, 2002, are not required to appear for the licensing examination (MCI FMGE).

Is MCI registration valid all over India?

Medical Council of India (MCI) is planning to introduce a new registration system for doctors. As per the proposal, a doctor practising in multiple states will have to register in all those states simultaneously, unlike now when a single registration is enough to practise anywhere in the country.

Can I get medical certificate from clinic?

Some health centers in your local area can also provide a medical certificate. You may request for it after you undergo a check up from the health center staff. Note that medical certificates should bear the true reasons why you had were absent for work, needs to travel or apply for a job.

How long is a medical certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance. The period allows workers enough time to leave to country. The worker and the potential employer should both have access to the result.

How do you get medical certificate?

Issuance of Medical Certificate for On-the-Job Training

  1. Present requirements to the Campus Nurse.
  2. Fill out medical examination form.
  3. Submit the filled out form.
  4. Undergo medical assessment.
  5. Present the updated medical records form to the nurse.
  6. Sign on the clinic’s log book and receive the medical certificate.

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