How can I watch RAQS e bismil?

How can I watch RAQS e bismil?

It is directed by acclaim film director Wajahat Rauf and produced by Shazia Wajahat under Showcase Productions. It features Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan in leads. It is digitally available on Hum TV’s YouTube channel.

Is RAQS e bismil last episode?

Raqs e Bismil drama serial which has glorified Moosa as one of the noblest romantic heroes finally concluded. The ending is unexpectedly a happy one, we were expected a sad ending keeping in the mind the title and record of the writer’s previous work. His plays usually end at the death of the protagonist.

What is the story of drama RAQS e bismil?

The Good – Imran Ashraf, Sarah Khan lead a perfect cast Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan look like a match made in heaven in Raqs e Bismil, and carry their tracks like a pro; he, as a lover who leaves his love because she asked him to, and she as the beloved who is now in his house due to fate.

Who is Laila in RAQS e bismil?

Actress Zara Sheikh plays the role of Laila in this drama.

How many episodes of Raqs e bismil are there?

28Raqs-e-Bismil / Number of episodes

Who is Sarah Khan husband?

Falak ShabirSarah Khan / Husband (m. 2020)
Personal life. Khan married Pakistani singer and songwriter Falak Shabir in July 2020.

Why did Ali Merchant divorce Sara?

For those unaware, Sara Khan and Ali Merchant got married on national television in Bigg Boss 4. However, their marriage didn’t last for a long time and they got separated within two months. The actress had accused Ali of cheating and lying to her.

Who is Sara Khan first husband?

actor Ali Merchant
Personal life. Khan was married to TV actor Ali Merchant, a Shia Muslim in an Islamic wedding ceremony at Bigg Boss 4 in 2010, but divorced him after two months in 2011.

Who is the husband of Sara?

Ali MerchantSara Khan / Husband (m. 2010–2011)

Husband & Children In 2010, while she was in Bigg Boss house, she got married to the Indian actor Ali Merchant. Their marriage became the talk of the town as she was one of the few Indian actors, who got married in a TV reality show. Reportedly, Sara and Ali were paid Rs.

Why Sara Khan is famous?

She rose to prominence with the role of a selfish opportunist in the Moomal-produced romantic drama Alvida (2015). Khan then played a headstrong housewife in the mystery drama Mohabbat Aag Si (2015), which earned her a Hum Award for Best Supporting Actress.

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