How do I become an insurance agent in California?

How do I become an insurance agent in California?

How to Get Your California Insurance License

  1. Complete an Insurance Prelicensing Course.
  2. Pass Your California Licensing Exam.
  3. Get Fingerprinted.
  4. Apply for California Insurance License.
  5. Plan to Complete Required Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

How long does it take to get a CA insurance license?

The Department typically requires 4 weeks to process and approve your insurance license, once they have received the required documentation. Upon approval, you will receive an email that includes a link to the Department’s website that will allow you to view and print your insurance license.

How long is the California insurance exam?

All producer license examinations require a 60 percent score to pass and the adjuster and bail examinations require a score of 70 percent….Examinations: Time Limit and Number of Questions.

Examination Type Time Allowed Number of Questions
Commercial 1.5 hours 60
Limited Lines Automobile Insurance Agent 1.5 hours 60
Insurance Adjuster 2.5 hours 100

Where can I find California insurance licensing exam courses?

However, PSI, which is the licensed administrator of all California insurance licensing exams, can be found throughout California, in locations including Anaheim, Bakersfield, Burbank, Carson, Diamond Bar, El Monte, Fresno, Laguna Hills, San Diego, San Francisco, Ventura and others. Step 1. Purchase Your Pre-License Education Course

How do I become a property and casualty insurance agent in California?

Candidates who hold another insurance license or have previously completed the Ethics 12-hour requirement may complete a California 40-hour Property & Casualty Classroom, or Online prelicensing course

How do I apply for a California insurance agent license?

The application process for an agent license does not require sponsorship by an insurer Candidates for an insurance license must be 18 years of age or older California residency is not required Submit fingerprints and undergo basic background check

What is a California homeowners insurance license?

This license authorizes you to offer policies to protect California homes and other property from fire, theft and other dangers. Interested in helping investigate claims and determine their validity in California?

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