How do I download Microsoft partner Agreement?

How do I download Microsoft partner Agreement?

Sign the Microsoft Partner Agreement

  1. Sign in to Partner Center with your CSP indirect reseller account. You must be the Global admin.
  2. Go to Account settings > Agreements.
  3. To view and download the Microsoft Partner Agreement before signing it, select the View link.

Is Microsoft partner program free?

Join the Microsoft Partner Network It’s free to obtain an MPN ID as a Network member, or you can upgrade to an Action Pack subscription and get software, support, and more benefits to build and grow your Microsoft practice.

Where do I find Microsoft MPN?

You can find your MPN ID in the Microsoft Partner Center on the Control Panel Vendor Profile page. The Associated MPN ID field is listed on the right side of the page. Note:You need to be logged in to your Microsoft Partner Center account to view your Associated MPN ID.

What is CSP in software?

On-premises software in CSP supports a smooth transition to the cloud by introducing on-premises software in a cloud-focused program. This new offering helps bring the value-added partner to every purchase scenario as they provide a single platform to transact all Microsoft products.

What is Partner portal?

What Is a Partner Portal? A partner portal is a web-based site that’s a one-stop shop for firms doing business with each other — connecting existing partners is the key. The portal should have the tools that partners need to build revenue, create marketing programs, and educate their teams.

How do I add a certificate to Microsoft Partner portal?

In signing in to the portal, you would need to use your organization email. Then from there, an option to link your Microsoft Certification profile using your personal account, on where the certification is associated.

Why do I need a Microsoft partner?

The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) gives you the widest range of products in the industry, and it gives you program options to differentiate your business, go to market, and sell your solutions.

Does it cost anything to be a Microsoft partner?

Annual investment: The Microsoft partner membership is free, but an annual investment is required in all other partnerships. The Action Pack costs $475.00 per year, the Silver membership costs $1850, while the Gold membership costs $5260 annually.

What is my MPN number?

MPN stands for Manufacturer Part Number. It is a unique number that is issued by manufacturers to identify individual products. Normally, the MPN of a product is a series of numbers and letters.

What is a Microsoft CSP partner?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) enables partners to directly manage their entire Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. Partners in this program utilize dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support their customer subscriptions.

What is a partner portal?

How do I share Microsoft certification with employer?

Go to and login with your Microsoft account you used to take your Microsoft Certification Exam. You will find the online version of your transcript. You can email it, download it as PDF or give people online access to your transcript.

How do I verify my Microsoft partner account?

Go to your profile page for MPN, CSP, or Developer, and select Resend verification email. Be sure to flag email from as a “safe” domain, and check junk email folders. For further assistance, create a support ticket.

What do Microsoft partners do?

Microsoft Certified Partners (or MCPs for short) are companies who directly link themselves to Microsoft by providing Microsoft-related products or services worldwide. MCPs also provide support for these products and services, a requirement by Microsoft.

What is the Microsoft Partner Network?

The Microsoft Partner Network is a hub of people, resources, and offerings brought together to give you everything you need to build and deliver successful solutions for your customers. What is the Microsoft Partner Network?

How do I view my Microsoft partner profile?

1. From Microsoft partner website, click Dashboard. Note: The dashboard link will display different content depending on the partner account type. 2. Log in with your work account. 3. From Partner Center Dashboard Overview, access View your partner profile.

How do I get verified as a Microsoft Partner?

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, you gain access to an ecosystem of resources—plus opportunities to enhance your membership, like Microsoft Action Pack. To be fully verified, your organization’s Partner Center account must complete a five-step business verification process. Check your verification status. Need help?

What can I do in the Microsoft Office Online portal?

Access how-to documents, search support topics, and open a ticket online. Update your business profile, assign user roles and permissions, view and respond to referrals, manage contact preferences, and co-sell with Microsoft.

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