How do I get to NUS Central library?

How do I get to NUS Central library?

Take the Bus Service No. 96 to the campus. Alight at the bus stop opposite the Central Library, which is the second stop after the bus turns into the NUS campus (bus stop number 16189). The entrance to the library is located on the 1th Level.

How do I borrow ebooks from NUS library?

May 08, 2021 5859. To restrict a search in FindMore to ebooks only, click View/Filter button and a new window/tab will open. Select “Full-text Online” and “Book / eBook” filters on the left. Click on the title or “Full Text Online” and in the library record click on the link to the ebook to get to the ebook.

Can I study in NUS library?

NUS Libraries is NOT a public library, so access is restricted to NUS staff and students. Visitors may use this online application form to request for an Entry Pass.

Can NUS alumni use library?

NUS alumni are welcome to use the library in your pursuit of lifelong learning. More then 250,000 e-books, e-journals and databases are available digitally specially for access.

How do I use my NUS library online?

Access to most library subscribed electronic resources (ebooks, databases, ejournals etc) is through EZproxy system and you have to authenticate using your NUSNET ID and password. This applies both on-campus and off-campus (in Singapore or internationally) and whether you have logged in into NUS wifi.

Is Yale NUS open to public?

We are open to staff, faculty and students of Yale-NUS College and the NUS community.

How many books can I borrow from NUS library?

Please note that certain library materials and facilities may only be accessed by NUS students and staff. Loan entitlement vary according to membership type (basic or enhanced) and library. Maximum number of main shelf books for personal member is 6 and corporate member is 10 at C J Koh Law Library.

How do I read a book on NUS library?

  1. (1) Use NUS Libraries’ search engine (FindMore) to find books/ e-books. The search will include all types of materials in our collection.
  2. The results will show three main categories: Books & E-Resources, ScholarBank and Digital Gems.
  3. (2) Use LINC (NUS Libraries’ Catalogue) if you know which item you are looking for.

Can NUS alumni use the gym?

As an alumnus of the University or former staff of the University, can I register as a gym member with the new Staff Gym? Only current NUS staff, University Guest (Staff), University Guest (Student), University Guest (Family Members of NUS Staff) and University Guest (Resident) are eligible.

Does NUS email expire after graduation?

NUS Alumni Lifelong Email was introduced in 2013, which allows students to keep their student email for life after graduation. This means that all NUS alumni who graduated in July 2013 or after can continue to use their student email, which comes with 50GB of email cloud storage.

What is my NUS library PIN?

#3: Library PIN A commonly asked question when you want to borrow a library book: what is my library PIN?? It is the PIN associated with your NUS card ID (see #2).

Is Yale-NUS Ivy League?

Yale-NUS was the first institution outside New Haven, Connecticut that Yale University had developed in its 300-year history, making Yale the first American Ivy League school to establish a college bearing its name in Asia. Yale-NUS is a four-year, fully residential undergraduate institution.

Why is Yale-NUS shutting down?

The closure revealed that Yale and NUS’s views on Yale-NUS were greatly divergent. And yet, both universities were faced with the same facts: both knew that Yale-NUS was falling behind in its capital fundraising goals. They agreed that Yale-NUS’s policy of academic freedom would go beyond what NUS itself allowed.

How do I reserve a book at NUS library?

Answered By: Loans & Membership Department Note certain items like RBR (Reserved books/Readings) cannot be reserved. Placing a request ensures that when the item is returned or is ready for you, it will be held for you to pickup from the Loans Desk.

Is NUS swimming pool free?

Swimming Pool and Fitness Gyms Students will need to register in REBOKS to activate their free access to the Swimming Pools and Fitness Gyms. Thereafter, access will be via the NUS Student Matric Card.

Can NUS students enter Yale NUS library?

Mon, 9 May – Fri, 5 Aug 2022 We are open to staff, faculty and students of Yale-NUS College and the NUS community. Members of the NUS Community should enter the Library using our Level 1 entrance (below Café Agora), and must register themselves at the service desk for contact tracing purposes.

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