How do I open a DITA?

How do I open a DITA?

Programs that open or reference DITA files

  1. Adobe FrameMaker.
  2. SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor.
  3. Eclipse with XMLBuddy plug-in.
  4. JustSystems XMetaL.

What is a DITA editor?

XMLmind DITA Editor is an attractively priced, special edition of XMLmind XML Editor. It features advanced tools to help you edit and publish complex DITA documents. You can of course use this editor to edit any other XML document, but without the assistance of advanced tools.

What is DITA framework?

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) specification defines a set of document types for authoring and organizing topic-oriented information, as well as a set of mechanisms for combining, extending, and constraining document types.

Who uses DITA?

Companies Using DITA

Company/Organization Industry Type Country
AIR Worldwide Computer Software USA
Airbus DS Communications Telecommunications USA
Airware Aviation & Aerospace USA
Akamai Computer Software USA


DITA map and topic documents are XML files. As with HTML, any images, video files, or other files that must appear in the output are inserted via reference. Any XML editor or even text editor can be used to write DITA content, depending on the level of support required while authoring.

What is DITA XML used for?

DITA XML is a form of structured content that is optimized to create, reuse, translate, and publish documentation quickly by using topics and maps. DITA XML is also a community maintained open standard.

What is DITA based content?

What is the full form of DITA?

Diploma in Information Technology Application (DITA)

What are DITA principles?

For technical writers, the DITA standard represents three main things: a) a set of templates to follow, b) mechanisms for reuse and c) conditional publishing.

What is DITA Open Toolkit?

DITA Open Toolkit is a publishing tool used to process DITA content and convert it to other formats. Install DITA Open Toolkit for structured authoring, topic-based writing and cross-media publishing workflows. The DITA Open Toolkit docs provide information about running, configuring and extending the toolkit. Open source. Free as a bird.

What is DITA-OT?

DITA Open Toolkit ( DITA-OT) is an open-source publishing engine for XML content authored in the Darwin Information Typing Architecture ( DITA ). The toolkit’s extensible plug-in mechanism allows users to add their own transformations and customize the default output, which includes:

What is Guigui for Dita?

GUI for the DITA Open Toolkit. Provides general-purpose DITA map, topic, and domain specializations for the Publishing industry, as well as supporting processors (e.g., DITA Open Toolkit plugins) including EPUB and MOBI generation, HTML5 generation, and others.

How does DITA-OT generate XSL Formatting Objects (Fo)?

For PDF output, DITA-OT generates XSL Formatting Objects from DITA content. The interim XSL-FO format is passed to an FO processor like the open-source Apacheā„¢ FOP (included with DITA-OT) or a commercial solution such as Antenna House Formatter or RenderX XEP, which renders the final PDF.

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