How do I recertify my CNA license in Wisconsin?

How do I recertify my CNA license in Wisconsin?

To begin the renewal process, log in to your account on TMU(link is external). You can begin the process within 60 days of your eligibility period ending. List your work experience over the previous 24 months. You must verify working for pay as a nurse aide at least eight hours in that 24-month period.

How often do you have to renew your CNA license in Wisconsin?

To work in Wisconsin, you need training, testing, and experience. To work in a federally certified facility (Medicare and/or Medicaid certified), CNAs must renew every 24 months. In Wisconsin, each CNA must work for pay at least 8 hours during each 24-month certification period.

Is Wisconsin CNA license transferable state to state?

The Department of Health Services in Wisconsin takes applications for reciprocity. You must have a certification in another state that is still active and in good standing. The state of Wisconsin will review details of your training and work history as a certified nursing assistant in your former state.

How much does it cost to get a CNA license in Wisconsin?

The state is home to many reasonably priced CNA training programs. The average cost of Wisconsin CNA programs is $800. Some programs are more expensive and may cost more than $1500.

Can a Wisconsin CNA work in Illinois?

If you received your nursing assistant certification in another state, you might be eligible to transfer that certification to Illinois. You can begin working as a CNA if your certification is transferred to Illinois without any stipulations.

Can I transfer my Wisconsin CNA license to Texas?

You will need to complete an application for reciprocity. Complete the form in its entirety and submit any other documents and forms requested. The state of Texas will verify that you are a nursing assistant listed as active and in good standing in your former state.

How do I transfer my CNA to Illinois?

Transferring Certification From Another State to Illinois

  1. Download the form for reciprocity from the Illinois nurse aide registry website.
  2. Fill out the form while making sure to provide accurate information.
  3. Send the completed form by mail to: Illinois Department of Public Health.

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