How do I redirect a domain to a directory?

How do I redirect a domain to a directory?

To redirect all your visitors to a subfolder on your domain, for example to

  1. Create a file called .
  2. Open the file and add the following 2 lines:
  3. Replace the word “shop” with the name of your subfolder.
  4. Save the file and test your website to make sure it works as expected.

Can I redirect to any domain?

URL redirect (URL forwarding) allows you to forward your domain visitors to any URL of your choice (to a new domain or a different website). You can set 301 (Permanent), 302 (Unmasked), and Masked (URL Frame) redirects for the domain names pointed to BasicDNS, PremiumDNS or FreeDNS.

How do I redirect a domain using DNS records?

How to Redirect a Domain Using DNS Records (URL Redirect)

  1. Create the first URL Redirect record with the domain name you are directing to: Host Name.
  2. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save the record.
  3. Next create the second URL Redirect with the domain name you are directing to: Host Name.
  4. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save the record.

How do I point a domain to a directory in cPanel?

If there is no . htaccess file in the public_html folder you can easily create one using cPanel->File Manager. Then, type your domain name in a browser and you should see the website which is in your test folder.

What is domain and cPanel?

cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used as a control panel to simplify website and server management. cPanel allows you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more. cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the United States.

How do I change my main domain in cPanel?

You have the ability to change the primary domain in cPanel through the Account Management Panel (AMP)….How to Change the Primary Domain in cPanel

  1. Log into AMP.
  2. Click the Change Primary Domain icon.
  3. The following page will explain everything that will be affected.
  4. Click “Change Primary Domain” once you’re done.

How to redirect the contents of a directory to another directory?

To redirect the contents of a whole directory to the webserving root: To redirect the contents of a subdirectory to another domain but in the same subdirectory Make sure that the opening of the .htaccess file contains the 2 lines of code below which enables the Apache module to rewrite the URLS, then place your redirections below them

How to redirect a domain to another domain?

There are few ways on how to redirect a domain. You first need to choose the status code with which you’ll do the transfer (301, 302, etc.), depending on whether you want it to be a temporary or permanent redirect. Type in your domain and the URL you want to redirect to and add it.

What is a URL redirect?

What is a URL Redirect? When you redirect a URL, you’re simply forwarding it to another address on the same, or different domain. You can set up a redirect that sends visitors to your new domain name when they’ll try to access a URL that belonged to your old domain.

How do I create a redirect for my website?

Under the Domain category, choose the Redirects menu. You’ll see the Create a Redirect section. Here, you’ll need to fill in which URL you want to Redirect and where you want it to Redirect To. Make sure your information is correct and to choose the right connection protocol – HTTP or HTTPS.

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