How do I unblock Webex?

How do I unblock Webex?

During the meeting, go to More , and then select Lock meeting . You’ll see the lock icon at the top of your screen to let you know that the meeting is locked. To unlock the meeting, go to More , and select Unlock meeting .

How do I join a class in Webex meeting?

Tap Join meeting in your email invitation when it’s time to join the meeting. Tap Download to install the Webex Meetings app and join the video conference. To join the meeting by phone only, tap the number on your screen. Tap Open after the app installs and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

Can you join Webex without the app?

You don’t need to install or use the desktop app. If you prefer, you can take the meeting entirely from your internet browser. 1. Open the meeting invitation in your email app and click “Join.”

Why is Webex meeting locked?

Locking personal room meetings helps keep them secure by preventing uninvited participants from joining. When your meeting is locked, the guests wait in the lobby until you let them in. As a host or co-host, you can lock and unlock personal room meetings by selecting the lock button.

How do I enable Webex in Chrome?

To check if you have the Webex Extension installed and turned On, you can confirm by following the following steps:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click the More Options button, go to More Tools, then click on Extensions.
  3. Make changes to the Webex Extension: Turn On.

Why is Webex not working on my PC?

Close all open web browsers, open a new browser, and try to start/join the meeting again. If you are still not able to start/join the meeting, clear cache and cookies in your web browser, see: WBX37919 – How Do I Clear the Cache and Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Why can’t I log into WebEx?

If you have a supported account and are still having problems, try the following: Make sure you are entering an email address. Do NOT enter a username. Try logging in directly from your site.

How do I use WebEx on Windows 10?

To join a WebEx meeting, enter the WebEx meeting URL in the Chrome address bar and press Enter. The WebEx URL will be added to the IE Tab address bar automatically and you will be prompted to install the WebEx Chrome add-on. Note: Browser experiences are controlled by Google and are subject to change.

Why can’t I join Webex?

What browser should I use for Webex?

The Meetings web app is available on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari 7 and later. For the best experience (including video support), we recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

How do I unlock my personal room on Webex?

You can set an option in your Personal Room preferences to automatically lock your room after it starts. You can choose from 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes….Webex Meeting: Lock or Unlock your Personal Room.

1 Go to Preferences > My Personal Room.
2 Check the box next to Automatic lock, and then choose how many minutes you want before your Personal Room locks.

How do I unlock waiting room in Webex?

Click on ‘Scheduling options’. In Scheduling Options, go to ‘Unlocked Meetings’. The default setting for this option is set to ‘Guests can join the meeting’. Click the radio button for ‘Guests wait in the lobby until the host admits them’ to select it.

Which browser is best for Webex?

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