How do you teach past simple and past continuous?

How do you teach past simple and past continuous?

Continue introducing the past continuous by asking students simple questions in the past simple about events. Follow up these questions with a question asking what was happening when the event occurred. When did you leave home this morning – At nine o’clock. What was your sister doing when you left home?

What are some activities you like to do simple present?

15 fun activities for Present Simple/Present Continuous

  • Mimes plus.
  • Mimes plus Two.
  • Definitions game.
  • 20 questions.
  • Postcards.
  • Chain postcards.
  • Present Simple and Continuous taboo topics.
  • Ask and tell.

What are continuous activities?

Continuous training is a form of exercise that is performed at a ‘continuous’ intensity throughout and doesn’t involve any rest periods. Continuous training typically involves aerobic activities such as running, biking, swimming and rowing.

How do you teach past continuous lesson plans?

Ask students to complete the activity by providing an appropriate response with the past continuous to describe an action that was interrupted. Next, have students first conjugate verbs in the past simple to complete the story. Next, ask them to insert past continuous clauses into the appropriate place in the story.

What is the rule for past continuous?

In order to form the past continuous tense, we use the past tense of the verb be followed by the present participle of the verb. The present participle is a form of a verb that ends in the suffix -ing.

How do you practice past continuous?

Try These 7 Speedy Activities for Teaching the Past Progressive

  1. The Luck of the Draw. Write several past times on small slips of paper and put them in a hat.
  2. People Watching.
  3. Memory Challenge.
  4. What You Didn’t Do.
  5. My Alibi.
  6. Strange Explanations.
  7. So Much In Common.

How do you explain simple present to ESL?

5 Steps for Introducing the Present Simple

  1. Start by Modeling the Present Simple.
  2. Introduce the Third Person Singular.
  3. Introduce the Negative.
  4. Explaining the Present Simple on the Board.
  5. Comprehension Activities.
  6. Continued Activity Practice.

How do you teach present tense ESL?

What grade level is present simple past simple and past continuous?

Present simple, present continuous, past simple and past continuous Grammar exercises on Present simple, present continuous, past simple and past continuous ID:1253685 Language:English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level:A2/B1 Age: 11-16 Main content:Verb tenses Other contents: grammar exercises Add to my workbooks (348)

What are the best books for learning present simple tenses?

All tenses (active – passive voice) by makeover Mixed Tense Practice by kardostundev PRESENT SIMPLE, PRESENT CONTINUOUS or PAST SIMPLE? by Poliana Tense forms revision and Past Simple reading comprehension by TeacherEve Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous and Past Perfect Simple – 2

How do I use the past simple and past continuous tenses?

Students begin by completing two grammar rules and examples for using the past simple and past continuous with ‘when’ and ‘while’. Students then underline the correct past tenses in a set of sentences using the two rules. Next, students complete a short story with verbs in brackets in their past simple or past continuous forms.

What is the ESL past continuous game?

ESL Past Continuous Game – Listening and Speaking Activity – Pre-intermediate (A2) – 30 minutes In this imaginative past simple and past continuous game, students connect the past continuous and past simple together with the words ‘when’, ‘while’ and ‘as’. Give each group of four a set of activity cards and a set of picture cards.

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