How does 20x the Optimum points work?

How does 20x the Optimum points work?

You get 20x the points you would get normally. Have to spend $50 usually to get the 20x the points. Spending $50 before tax would equal 10,000 points. Hence, the % return will go from 1.70% to 34% you spend $250 and you get $85 back.

How do you get 20x Optimum points?

Receive 20x the Shoppers Optimum Points when you spend $50 or more on almost anything in the store.

How often are shoppers redemption events?

Since Shoppers Drug Mart puts out a redemption day every couple of months, you don’t have to redeem every time even if you have the points just to do it. If you don’t really need items, don’t get something just to get it. Next redemption you can get more. You can do up to 2 redemptions each day (equaling $200 each).

How often does shoppers have bonus redemption?

How does shoppers bonus redemption event work?

The redemption event awards bonus points when redeeming 50k, 100k, or 200k PC Optimum points. Shoppers Drug Mart is back with another ‘Bonus Redemption Event’ until March 2nd. The event effectively offers bonus points when you redeem certain amounts of PC Optimum points on purchases, resulting in an extra discount.

Do shoppers employees get discounts at superstore?

30% off everything in store basically. Doesn’t apply to large electronics though, which is lame since every Thursday seniors get 20% off products, including TV’s, consoles, and other electronics (it depends on the store though – some might not honor this). only 30% off certain items.

Will shoppers point expire?

No. Your points do not expire. However, your account can be closed, if you do not earn or spend any PC Optimum points at least once every 2 years or if you don’t have an open PC Financial payment product registered to your account.

What is shoppers bonus redemption?

Shoppers Drug Mart’s Bonus Redemption has arrived with up to $300 in savings. To redeem offers, shoppers must have a PC Optimum membership which redeems points for amounts of discounts in-store and online as shown below: Up to $65 off when you redeem 50,000 PC Optimum Points.

What happened to Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix?

But, when Shoppers Drug Mart(or PharmaPrix in Quebec) was purchased by the Loblaw Company they merged their 2 unique points systems into one, PC Optimum. Ever since, Canadians have been enjoy the benefits of 2 of their favourite companies all rolled into one.

Does Shoppers Drug Mart offer coupons & PC Optimum bonus points?

If you’re heading to Shoppers Drug Mart, be sure to check out the current Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons & Offers so you don’t miss out on potential savings & PC Optimum Bonus Points. CLICK HERE TO SHOP In-Store Product Bonus Offers

Can You Redeem mobile text alerts from Shoppers Drug Mart?

You can do that too! Sign up for mobile text alerts from Shoppers Drug Mart and get exclusive offers and promotions you can redeem right from your mobile device. Plus, you will get a mobile coupon for 10,000 PC Optimum Bonus Points on your next purchase when you spend $40 or more.

What are Drug Mart coupons & offers?

Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons & Offers help you save on everything you need from medications to makeup and personal care to groceries. Plus, you can collect PC Optimum Offerson every purchase you make. Previously, Shoppers had their own loyalty and rewards program, Optimum Points.

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