How long is 13j AIT?

How long is 13j AIT?

AIT generally lasts seven to eight weeks for Army Fire Control Specialists and takes place at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. You will learn how to operate guns, missile and rocket systems, and ammunition techniques. There is also in-classroom learning related to artillery tactics, techniques, and procedures.

What does a fire controller do?

Fire Control Operators receive all 999 calls from members of the public reporting emergencies and other incidents. They are responsible for mobilising our fire appliances go to the correct address and maintain radio contact with crews to establish whether further resources are required.

Does 13j require a security clearance?

There is no requirement/authorization to carry firearms. Founded in 1975, AMERICAN SYSTEMS is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States.

How many types of fire control orders are there?

There are five basic types of fire control orders to cater for battle situations: 1.

What are the three types of fire commands?


  • Weapon/Ammunition.
  • Description.
  • Direction.
  • Range/Elevation.
  • Execution.
  • Termination.
  • How do I become a fire control officer?

    To become a fire control operator, you will need to: Complete the application form stage. Undertake assessment tests including: Audio Typing, Word Comprehension and Number Recall. Pass the fire control operator interviews.

    What is fire control firefighter?

    In a wildfire, fire control includes various wildland fire suppression techniques such as defensible space, widening the fuel ladder, and removing fuel in the fire’s path with firebreaks and backfires to minimize the brush fire reaching new combustible fuel and spreading further.

    Do Marines come home after MOS?

    Yes it is. Yes. Marines get 30 days of leave plus additional 20 t0 25 days paid holidays and liberty hours.

    How long is 13j training?

    Job training for a fire control specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instructions.

    What is a fire control specialist in the Army?

    Fire Control Specialists are part of a larger Army field artillery team. Artillery in the U.S. army includes anything where large ammunition is fired such as rockets or missiles. The objective of the Army artillery team is to assist and support the ground infantry while in combat as well as tank units.

    Why choose @CK fire and safety?

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    What is a fire control specialist (MOS 13J)?

    An Army Fire Control Specialist (MOS 13J) is similar to MOS 13F Army Joint Fire Support Specialist with a few distinctions. Army Fire Control Specialists (MOS 13J) assist with intelligence gathering and data for field artillery teams. Image: Africom Fire Control Specialists (MOS 13J) have an important role in the U.S. Army.

    What score do you need to be an army fire control specialist?

    An Army Fire Control Specialty requires a Field Artillery score of 93. If you score a 96, you can choose between Fire Control (13J) and Joint Fire Support (MOS 13F). How long is training to become an Army Fire Control Specialist?

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