How much does the Dell XPS 13 weight?

How much does the Dell XPS 13 weight?

2.91 lb
Dimensions and weight

Height 8.95 mm to 15.35 mm (0.35 in to 0.60 in)
Width 304.16 mm (11.97 in)
Depth 200.25 mm (7.88 in)
Weight Touchscreen: 1.32 kg (2.91 lb) Non-touchscreen: 1.22 kg (2.69 lb)
NOTE: The weight of your laptop varies depending on the configuration ordered and the manufacturing variability.

How much does the XPS 17 weigh?

Dell XPS 17: Design Measuring 14.74 x 9.76 x 0.77 inches and weighing 4.65 to 5.53 pounds depending on your choice of screen and battery, the XPS 17 feels heavy but is impressively svelte for a laptop its size.

Is the XPS 15 heavy?

The XPS 15 is larger and heavier than the XPS 13, but that doesn’t mean it’s not thin and light in its own right. It’s just 0.73 inches (18mm) thin and weighs about 4 pounds (1.84kg) for the non-touch models with an 86Wh battery.

Is XPS 13 powerful?

The Dell XPS 13 is inadequate for gaming. It’s only available with power-efficient Intel 11th Gen CPUs and integrated GPUs, which aren’t powerful enough to handle demanding AAA titles.

Is the Dell XPS heavy?

Dell XPS 15 2020 review: Design At 13.57 x 9 x 0.7 inches and 4.5 pounds, the new XPS 15 is roughly the same size as the 16-inch MacBook Pro (14.1 x 9.7 x 0.64 inches, 4.3 pounds) despite the latter’s bigger screen.

Is Dell XPS 13 metal?

Unlike many devices of the day, the XPS 13 is not a continuous piece of metal of and glass. Instead, the XPS 13 mixes metal with carbon fiber layered with a soft-touch finish on top.

How do you cool down an XPS 13?

Here are 5 easy and efficient ways:

  1. Place your laptop on a flat and hard surface. Many of us tend to work with our laptops on our laps or in our beds.
  2. Ensure that your laptop is dust-free.
  3. Avoid overworking your laptop.
  4. Check your Dell Laptop fans.
  5. Consider investing in cooling pads.

Is Dell XPS plastic?

The redesigned XPS 15, new XPS 17, XPS 13, and XPS 13 2-in-1 laptops are packaged in a molded tray made from 25% recycled ocean-bound plastics and locally recycled plastic, according to Dell.

Is Dell XPS 13 fanless?

The Dell XPS 13 9365 is the other fanless laptop that offers an Intel Core i7 processor. However, this model was able to maximize the processor’s potential, able to deliver a powerful performance. Combine it with long battery life, this makes the model the ideal work or business laptop that’s also quiet.

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