How much is the budget of Nigeria in 2021?

How much is the budget of Nigeria in 2021?

₦13.59 trillion

Budget Assumption/ Fiscal Parameter 2021 Approved Budget 2021 Total
Recurrent expenditure (non-debt) ₦5.64 trillion ₦5.76 trillion
Total revenue ₦7.99 trillion ₦8.13 trillion
Total expenditure ₦13.59 trillion ₦14.57 trillion
Fiscal deficit ₦5.6 trillion ₦6.45 trillion

What are the highlights of 2022 budget?

Fiscal Highlights Budget 2022 proposes $43 million of increased spending over Budget 2021, consisting of $86 million for program enhancements, $9 million in new spending for mandate priorities and $2 million in amortization. This spending is offset by $54 million in savings from programs are that ending.

What is the theme of budget 2021 2022?

Inclusive development for Aspirational India. Reinvigorating Human Capital. Innovation and R&D. Minimum Government and Maximum Governance.

What was the objective behind the proposal put forth in the Budget 2013 to 14?

In the government of India’s budget for the year 2013-14, the Finance Minister proposed to raise the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on cigarettes. He also proposed to increase income tax on individual earning more than Rupee one crore per annum.

What is the theme of 2022 budget?

Union Budget 2022 Explained Highlights: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announces five big infra push projects; auction of 5G in 2022; national programme for mental health; virtual currencies come under tax net; 400 more Vande Bharat trains in Railways budget; and more.

How much is Nigeria budget in 1992?

The federal government s revenue from all sources rose from N32, 223.5 million in 1991 to N63, 564.8 million in 1992. The government s total expenditure rose by N40, 192 million or 59.5 per cent from N67, 529.7 million in 1991 to N107, 723.3 million in 1992.

How is budget implemented in Nigeria?

The Federal Budget in Nigeria In Nigeria, the law requires the president to submit a budget for the next financial year to the National Assembly (legislature) for approval. The budget indicates how the Nigerian state will allocate scarce financial resources to secure the welfare, life and property of its citizens.

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