Is a Stimulator a dry or wet fly?

Is a Stimulator a dry or wet fly?

Dry Flies
1. Stimulator Flies as Dry Flies.

What type of fly is a Stimulator?

The Stimulator dry fly is a go-to attractor dry fly, particularly when you’re dry fly fishing during a big stone fly hatch or salmon fly hatch. This dry fly sits up high in the water, even in faster water.

Who invented the Stimulator fly?

How to tie two must-have dry flies: the Stimulator and the G&H Sedge. AMERICAN FLY TIER RANDALL KAUFMANN created the original Stimulator, and it remains a popular dry fly across North America. Originally tied to imitate the adult giant stonefly, under the right conditions it also works as a grasshopper and caddisfly.

Who created the Stimulator fly?

Randall Kaufmann
Randall Kaufmann—a commercial fly tier—is one widely known for creating one of the most popular flies out there, referred to as the Stimulator.

How do you make homemade fly Floatants?

The ingredients are simply paraffin wax or a white candle and Coleman’s liquid fuel. You can experiment with other liquid carriers but Naptha works. Just shave small quantities of wax into a small container of liquid fuel, shake until dissolved. Continue this process until you have the required consistency.

What kind of fly is a stimulator?

Why are my dry flies sinking?

A dry fly sinks when it is saturated with water. To keep it floating, you need to dry it out with a desiccant and apply a floatant gel, such as Gink. It is best to apply floatant to a completely dry fly. For the stubborn fly that refuses to float, changing out flies might be the best solution.

What fly does a yellow Sally imitate?

golden stonefly
The Yellow Sally Stimulator is a stimulator fly that is tied to loosely imitate a golden stonefly. Stimulator flies, or attractors, are extremely popular amongst anglers when fishing large hatches in the spring and summertime, as their flamboyant shape and coloring makes them hard to miss on the water.

Do you need Floatant for dry flies?

If you are using a dry fly intended to simulate a surface water insect, a floatant of some kind is needed. If the dry fly gets saturated and sinks, it is completely worthless. Your best bet is to pretreat your dry flies with one of these products.

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