Is Bilstein better than KYB?

Is Bilstein better than KYB?

Whether you opt for the top of the line Bilstein shocks or the slightly cheaper KYB ones, you’re getting a great set of shocks. It’s why both brands earn phenomenal overall grades, but Bilstein edges out a slight advantage.

Are KYB shocks Made in USA?

KYB Americas, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of shocks, struts and hydraulic components, is proud to announce the continued expansion of North American operations via a new manufacturing plant in Silao, Guanajuanto, Mexico.

Are KONI shocks lifetime warranty?

The KONI warranty is to the original purchaser against defects in materials or workmanship for as long as you own that car (registered for street use) during the applicable warranty period of two years. The warranty does not cover damage to the parts caused by misuse, misapplication, wrong installation, etc.

Which is better Bilstein or Koni shocks?

Quick Summary: Overall comparing Bilstein vs Koni, Bilstein shocks are a better choice for those who want a smooth and quiet ride or drive an SUV or Truck. While Koni shocks are better suited for those, who want a firmer and more responsive ride on a car.

What is the difference between KYB Monomax and Bilstein 4600/5100?

I’m considering the KYB Monomax or the Bilstein 4600 (my understanding is the 4600 is essentially the same as the 5100 except the 5100 can be used in lifted vehicles, mine is stock height). Anybody have experience with the Monomax and the Bilstein?

Why are KYB shocks better than Monomax?

First reason: Compared to the Monomax or any Bilstein shock, they drive smoother. Not to mention that they’re significantly cheaper too. Second reason: KYB is probably the best suspension manufacturer for Asian cars. The company has deals with leading car makers like Toyota.

Are Bilstein Monomax shocks any good?

Some people prefer firmer control, but on a half-load a set of Monomax shocks can just get uncomfortable. Both the 4600 and 5100 series from Bilstein come with a digressive piston design. What this really means is that they’re specifically designed to cope with uneven patches and provide superior damping if you go through rougher roads.

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