Is dark and wild BTS second album?

Is dark and wild BTS second album?

1st Album [DARK & WILD] from BTS consists of CD, two PhotoCards and 102p PhotoBook with factory sealed from manufacturers. The CD has 14 songs as follows. Tracks 01. Intro : What am I to you 02.

How much is dark and wild BTS album?

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This item DARK & WILD – BTS 1st Album CD + Photobook + Photocard + FREE GIFT / K-POP Sealed BE Essential Edition
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What genre is dark and wild BTS?

Korea Dance/Electronic
Dark & Wild/Genres

How much does dark and wild cost?

Dark & Wild Vol. 1 (Incl. 102-page photobook and two random photocards)

List Price: $26.99 Details
Price: $21.95
You Save: $5.04 (19%)

Who wrote BTS Danger?

producer Thanh Bui
Australian/Vietnamese pop star, songwriter and producer Thanh Bui collaborated with BTS to not only write the original version of their hit single “Danger”, but to bring to you this new “Mo-Blue-Mix” of the track.

Who wrote War of Hormone BTS?

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s)
3. “호르몬 전쟁” (Horeumon Jeonjaeng / War of Hormone) Pdogg Supreme Boi RM Suga J-Hope
4. “힙합성애자” (Hiphapseong-aeja / Hip Hop Lover) Pdogg RM Suga J-Hope
5. “Let Me Know” Suga Pdogg RM J-Hope
6. “Rain” Slow Rabbit RM Suga J-Hope

How many songs are in dark and wild?

fourteen tracks
Dark & Wild (stylized DARK&WILD) is the debut studio album of South Korean boy group BTS. It was released by Big Hit Entertainment on August 20, 2014. The album contains fourteen tracks, with “Danger” as its lead single. The third track on the album, “War of Hormone”, was later promoted as a secondary single.

Does Dark & Wild come with a photocard?

1st Album [DARK & WILD] from BTS consists of CD, two PhotoCards and 102p PhotoBook with extra message cards set as a free store gift. The CD has 14 songs as follows.

Who wrote BTS War of Hormone?

Does the BTS dark and wild album come with a poster?

** We currently do not ship posters outside of the U.S. and Canada, so if you would like to place an international order, please select the NO POSTER option before adding the album to your cart.

How much is BTS album be?

₹7,390.00 FREE Delivery.

What are the BTS albums in order?

Wake Up (Japanese album) JUMP (Japanese Ver.) Danger (Japanese Ver.) BOY IN LUV (Japanese Ver.) No More Dream (Japanese Ver.)

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