Is Haringey a good area?

Is Haringey a good area?

Haringey is a safe area to live in. Recorded crime in Haringey has fallen over the last few decades, with an overall reduction of 40% since 2002. Around 85% of residents report feeling safe in the borough and the safest areas are usually found to the west of Haringey, such as Highgate and Muswell Hill.

What is the most dangerous borough in London?

London’s most dangerous areas, boroughs of 2021

  • Waltham Forest – 3,272.
  • Hillingdon – 3,337.
  • Redbridge – 3,351.
  • Greenwich – 3,597.
  • Wandsworth – 3,620.
  • Barnet – 3,717.
  • Lewisham – 3,829.
  • Enfield – 3,931.

Is harlesden dangerous?

Some rather gritty but not unsafe. Harlesden was a crime hotspot in decades gone but has had an injection of money in recent times into it’s high street. It still suffers from the occasional gang issue but not something that will effect a tourist.

What is Haringey famous for?

Harringay became both nationally and internationally famous for the sporting events that were held in the Harringay Stadium and the Harringay Arena from the late 1920s until the 1980s.

Which zone is Haringey?

zone 3
Harringay railway station

Number of platforms 2
Fare zone 3
OSI Harringay Green Lanes
National Rail annual entry and exit

Is Walthamstow dangerous?

Crime and Safety in Waltham Forest. Waltham Forest is among the top 20 safest boroughs in London. The overall crime rate in Waltham Forest in 2021 was 79 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares favourably to London’s overall crime rate, coming in 10% lower than the London rate of 87 per 1,000 residents.

Does Haringey have a tube station?

What’s the nearest tube station to Harringay? The Turnpike Lane station is the nearest one to Harringay.

Is Haringey a deprived area?

Haringey is ranked 19th most deprived based on Income scale with a total of 60,693 people who are income deprived. Birmingham is ranked 1st most deprived with a total of 266,982. Haringey is ranked 41st most deprived based on Employment scale with a total of 18,655 people who are employment deprived.

Is Leyton dangerous?

I agree, Leyton is a bit scruffy, but nothing bad is likely to happen to you as long as you behave as you would in any big city. On the Central line, you can get from Leyton to central London in 20 minutes, so it’s not a long journey.

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