Is KD petite friendly?

Is KD petite friendly?

NA-KD Fashion for a Petite Figure I’ve ordered many pieces from NAKD fashion over the years and I can confidently say they are one of the best websites to order petite friendly items in Europe. Before you place your order at NAKD fashion, I recommend you look at the model size and then compare your own size.

Is KD a British brand?

Swedish fast fashion brand NA-KD started as an online fashion platform in 2015 and gained traction by collaborating with influencers to launch capsule collections. Already boasting 1.7 million followers on Instagram, the brand’s most recent expansion is its first physical store that opened in the Netherlands on Friday.

Where is NA-KD fashion based?

About NA-KD Born 2015 in Sweden, NA-KD is getting ready to take over the fashion world and prove that clothing can be affordable and on-trend. Working together closely with brand ambassadors and content creators from all over the world, NA-KD strives to show the most updated, on-trend styles on all channels.

Is NA-KD ethical?

“Is NA-KD a sustainable brand?” NA-KD aspires to be among the top 1% most sustainable fashion brands in the world. We won’t rest until we get there. For us, sustainability includes environmental sustainability like climate action, and social sustainability – working conditions across our value chain and animal welfare.

Is NA-KD a good brand?

NA-KD is ‘Not Good Enough’ for the environment. This score should come as no surprise for a brand that relies heavily on an eCommerce-based fast fashion approach and has been compared to those ultra-fast fashion brands we avoid like Boohoo and Missguided.

Does NA-KD have physical stores?

NA-KD has already opened a physical store in Amstelveen and an outlet store in Roermond.

Is NA-KD a real brand?

NA-KD is one of Europe’s top 20 fastest growing companies, breaking new records every month and showcasing ourselves as one of the world´s leaders in fashion and ecommerce.

Who made NA-KD?

Jarno Vanhatapio – Founder
Jarno Vanhatapio – Founder & CEO – NA-KD.

What does SHEIN do to their workers?

As Business of Fashion reported last year, an investigation by a Swiss watchdog group found that in some Shein partner factories, employees worked 12-to-14-hour days and often worked 28 days per month under incredibly unsafe conditions, such as windowless rooms with no fire exists.

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