Is Suhr owned by Fender?

Is Suhr owned by Fender?

From 1995 to 1997, John Suhr worked as Senior Master Builder at Fender’s Custom Shop. In 1997 Suhr left Fender to form his own company with Steve Smith.

Who is John Suhr?

John Suhr began formulating ideas of designing and modifying the electric guitar while working as a repairman at Rudy’s Guitar Shop in New York City. After sharpening his skills as a master builder in Fender’s Custom Shop in California, John established JS Technologies Inc. to produce his own line of guitars and amps.

What tuners does Suhr use?

Akai MPC.

  • Roland Juno.
  • Is Suhr overpriced?

    But of course, this quality comes with its high costs. So, Why Suhr guitars so expensive? The main reason is related to the manufacturing location, the U.S.A. Since the worker wages in the U.S. are more than triple compared to the cheaper guitar producing countries, production costs significantly increase.

    Are Suhr guitars really that good?

    Founded in 1997 by Steve Suhr and Steve Smith, the California-based firm is undoubtedly one of today’s finest guitar makers. Suhr is simply the best custom brand out there with their top-quality guitars and high price tags. But of course, this quality comes with its cost.

    What pickups does Mateus Asato use?


    Nut: 1.650″ Tusq
    Neck Finish: Satin
    Logo: Gold Laser
    Bridge Pickup: Asatobucker (gold)

    What amps does Mateus Asato use?

    Amps. As a Suhr endorsee, Mateus uses a Suhr Bagder 30 amp. He’s also well known Bogner user with a Bogner Goldfinger 45 amp and a Bogner Duende 2×12 amp in his collection. As there’s no amp switcher or ABY on his pedalboard, he must be running his amps fairly clean.

    Is Suhr better than Fender?

    Comparing the sound of a Suhr and a Fender will come down mainly to personal preference. The consensus on their differences, however, is that Suhr makes the most accurate sounding guitars while the sound of a Fender has a bit more of that vintage personality or ‘mojo’.

    What tuning does Mateus Asato use?


    Middle Pickup: ML Single Coil
    Neck Pickup: ML Single Coil
    SSCII: Equipped
    Tuning Machines: Suhr Locking

    What happened to Mateus?

    Mateus Asato, perhaps social media’s biggest breakout guitar star, has removed his Instagram account and announced a break from music, due to the “overwhelming” pressures of social media and loss of inspiration due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    What is a Suhr Classic s guitar?

    The Suhr Classic S Guitars are designed for the player who wants the ability to produce iconic classic Fender Stratocaster tones while having all the benefits of a custom Suhr guitar.

    What is the standard of John Suhr?

    John Suhr Standard MODERN Modern Plus Modern Terra LIMITED EDITION STANDARD Standard Plus Pete Thorn Standard John Suhr Standard Standard Legacy LIMITED EDITION CLASSIC S Classic S Classic S Antique Mateus Asato Classic S Scott Henderson Classic S Ian Thornley Classic S Classic S Paulownia LIMITED EDITION CLASSIC JM

    Why buy a Suhr?

    Whether it be a legendary Suhr Modern or a Suhr Classic, Suhr has something for everybody. From modern to vintage and everything in between, Suhr can create a truly master level instrument that is fine tuned for even the most discerning of players.

    Who is product builder John Suhr?

    Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. With decades of building experience from being the go-to guy at Rudy’s in NYC and later a Master Builder at Fender’s Custom Shop, John Suhr brings a level of seasoned expertise to the work bench that is heart felt throughout all of his instruments.

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