Is there a Neil Young documentary?

Is there a Neil Young documentary?

On Thursday (January 20), Neil Young fans are in for a treat. That’s when music fans can stream the new documentary, Barn, a “revealing and beautiful” documentary about the making of the latest Neil Young with Crazy Horse album of the same name, via YouTube. The album, Barn, was released on December 10, 2021.

Where is Neil Young’s barn?

the Colorado Rockies
Neil Young’s new album is called “Barn,” and that’s where it was recorded – in an old barn on Young’s property in the Colorado Rockies. It was cut in about 10 days with Young’s longtime band, Crazy Horse, the musicians Young has performed with off and on for more than half a century.

Where can I watch the Neil Young barn documentary?

Register for TV News BARN: A revealing and beautiful documentary about the making of the new Neil Young with Crazy Horse similarly titled and enthusiastically received album BARN, will begin streaming exclusively on YouTube beginning Thursday, January 20th, at 10:00AM PT.

Where was a band a Brotherhood a barn filmed?

Directed by Young’s wife Daryl Hannah, A Band a Brotherhood a Barn captured the recording sessions for the 2021 album, which took place in — you guessed it — a barn (well, a restored 19th-century farm shed) located high in the mountains of Colorado last summer.

Where is Neil Young’s barn in Colorado?

Barn, his latest album with Crazy Horse, was recorded way up in the Telluride, Colorado, area, 2,667 meters (8,750 feet) above sea level. Of course, the 10-song LP’s sessions took place in a restored 19th-century barn, pictured on Daryl Hannah’s evocative cover photo.

Who was in the band Crazy Horse?

Nils LofgrenGuitarDanny WhittenVocalsBilly TalbotBass guitarRalph MolinaFrank SampedroJack NitzscheElectric piano
Crazy Horse/Members

Where is Neil Young’s ranch in Colorado?

This 90-acre parcel outside of Telluride, Colorado, offers a 12,000-square-foot western-style main house that was built in 2012, a second two-bedroom home and a professional recording studio that has drawn the likes of Neil Young, Jewel, Dierks Bentley and Peter Gabriel.

Where is the Crazy Horse Barn?

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains
The location of the barn is being kept a secret for privacy reasons, with Nils Lofgren only saying “it’s in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.” dhlove is Darryl Hannah’s social media handle. Guitarist Nils Lofgren, 70, has been playing with Crazy Horse since he was 18 years old.

How do I watch the barn?

Currently you are able to watch “The Barn” streaming on Screambox Amazon Channel or for free with ads on VUDU Free, Tubi TV. It is also possible to rent “The Barn” on Amazon Video, Vudu, Microsoft Store online and to download it on Amazon Video, Vudu, Microsoft Store.

How big is Neil Young’s ranch?

Young, 66, spotted this land out the window of a plane banking out of San Francisco four decades ago and now owns nearly 1,000 acres of it.

Who died in Crazy Horse band?

Danny Whitten
38 years ago this week — on the 18th November, 1972 — Danny Whitten tragically passed away. Danny Whitten is best known as co-lead guitarist in Neil Young’s band Crazy Horse.

Who played lead guitar in Crazy Horse?

Crazy Horse is an American rock band best known for their association with Neil Young. Beginning in 1968 and continuing to the present day, they have been co-credited on a number of Young’s albums, with 12 studio albums and numerous live albums being billed as by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

Who played bass for Crazy Horse?

Billy TalbotCrazy Horse / Bassist
Crazy Horse bassist Billy Talbot has been playing alongside Neil Young for the past 45 years, but he’s kept such a low profile that few people outside of hardcore fans even know his name.

Is Neil Young’s ‘barn’ on YouTube?

Barn the documentary, subtitled Neil Young & Crazy Horse – A Band A Brotherhood A Barn, chronicles the album’s creation and was directed by Young’s wife, the actress Daryl Hannah. Originally only available on the AARP Members Only Access service (I shit you not), it snuck its way onto YouTube last week where it is available for free streaming.

What is Neil Young’s best work?

Though Neil Young’s artistic output includes films and books and forays into other genres, his best work is all of a piece which reaches back to 1969’s Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.

Is Neil Young done with growing old gracefully?

For Neil Young, the answer seems to be “To hell with growing old gracefully.” One of rock’s great curmudgeons, even in his youth, the 76-year-old has no interest in riding into the sunset or turning down his amp.

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