Is Thundershock or spark better?

Is Thundershock or spark better?

Raichu is stronger with Thundershock and Magneton is stronger with Spark because Thundershock charges Thunder faster whereas charging a fast move for Magneton isn’t as important because his charge moves suck.

Is there a Thundershock TM?

Not a TM, TR, HM, or Move Tutor move….Thunder Shock (move)

Type Electric
Category Special
PP 30 (max. 48)
Power 40
Accuracy 100%

Is discharge better than Thunder Shock?

Thunderbolt does more damage, sure, but Discharge has a 30% chance of paralysis, and isn’t that much weaker.

Should I teach Pikachu thunder?

Thunder Wave While Thunder can melt anything it hits, it, unfortunately, has an accuracy of 70%. Nobody wants to go to an Elite Four match and miss a Thunder on an Aerodactyl or Articuno that could do serious damage back. Therefore, the smartest thing to do is give Pikachu Thunderbolt.

Is discharge better than Thunderbolt?

Can thunder wave paralyze Electric types?

It causes paralysis if it hits. A weak electric charge is launched at the target. It causes paralysis if it hits. The user launches a weak jolt of electricity that paralyzes the target….

Pokémon Zapdos
Level 8

What is TM 37 in Pokémon Red?

TM37. Egg Bomb. Fuchsia City, Celadon Dept.

Is Mega Punch a good move?

It is highly accurate and relatively powerful. A powerful punch thrown very hard. A strong punch thrown with incredible power. The foe is slugged by a punch thrown with muscle-packed power.

How good is electro ball?

With an Accuracy of 100%, Electro Ball is reliable in some ways, but risky in others. It’s hard to guarantee that the player’s will be the fastest Pokemon on the battlefield, and in real life, there’s always someone who’s better.

Should I keep Thunderwave on Pikachu?

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