Is Zermatt worth visiting in April?

Is Zermatt worth visiting in April?

Zermatt is a great destination no matter the season. The town is cute and charming, and it has amazing views of the Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn (possibly the most iconic mountain in the Alps).

What is there to do in Zermatt in April?

Best Things to do in Zermatt

  1. Enjoy the View of the Matterhorn.
  2. Sunnegga Viewpoint.
  3. Rothorn.
  4. Hike from Blauherd to Stellisee (and Skip the Five Lakes Trail)
  5. Gornergrat and the Hike to Riffelberg.
  6. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.
  7. Summit Breithorn.
  8. Go Skiing 365 Days of the Year.

Does Zermatt have snow in April?

How many days does it snow in April in Zermatt? In Zermatt, Switzerland, during April, snow falls for 18.6 days and regularly aggregates up to 706mm (27.8″) of snow.

Is Zermatt closed in April?

Best Switzerland Ski Resorts in April Zermatt, famously, is one of the few resorts in the world that remains open for skiing 365 days a year. This is thanks to the glaciers at Zermatt’s highest peaks.

Is Zermatt open in April?

Ski lovers will be happy to know that you can hit the slopes year-round in Zermatt. While the main ski area closes this year on April 19, up to 13 miles of pistes high on the Theodul Glacier remain open even in summer. Nothing comes cheap here, of course; even by Swiss standards, Zermatt is expensive.

How cold is Switzerland in April?

April Weather in Zürich Switzerland. Daily high temperatures increase by 8°F, from 54°F to 62°F, rarely falling below 42°F or exceeding 73°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 6°F, from 37°F to 43°F, rarely falling below 30°F or exceeding 50°F.

Can you visit Matterhorn in April?

Most of the lifts and cable car services in Zermatt remain open until 19 April. The Gornergrat train and the Klein Matterhorn cableway operate all year round as mentioned by rockoyster. So nothing for you to worry about.

Is Switzerland cold in April?

Is Switzerland rainy in April?

Rainfall is definitely something to expect in April. It varies from region to region, but you can safely expect to encounter precipitation during 10-20 days out of the month. Again, April weather in Switzerland is quite unpredictable.

Does it rain a lot in Switzerland in April?

Is there still snow in Switzerland in April?

Snow & Skiing Much of Switzerland’s snow will be found at higher elevations by the time April begins. A small amount of snow typically occurs in the lower areas, but it’s mostly negligible. You’ll definitely want to stick to the high-altitude areas if snow and snow-related activities are your priority.

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