What are the different types of winglets?

What are the different types of winglets?

Some common types of winglets

  • Raked. The Points Guy. Raked wingtips feature a “raked” shape by curving backwards.
  • Canted. Wikimedia Commons.
  • Blended. Victor Tango Aviation.
  • Winglets on the Boeing 737 MAX. Eurocontrol.
  • Split-scimitar winglet. Houston Chronicle.

What is a 737 winglet?

The 737 MAX is fitted with Boeing’s trademark split winglets, also called split-scimitar winglets. Dubbed the 737 MAX AT Winglet, they are a unique design incorporating features from blended, split-scimitar and raked winglets.

What are blended winglets?

Blended winglets are upward-swept extensions to airplane wings. They feature a large radius and a smooth chord variation in the transition section. This feature sacrifices some of the potential induced drag reduction in return for less viscous drag and less need for tailoring the sections locally.

What are split winglets?

Split Scimitar winglets are named after a Middle Eastern sword with a distinct curved blades ending with a sharp point. Split Scimitar winglets were developed by Aviation Partners Boeing and are available for the 737-800 and 737-900ER after entering service in 2014.

What is a Scimitar winglet?

The Split Scimitar winglets, which have been named after a type of Middle Eastern sword with a curved blade, aim to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. It features a split tip, with one part curved upwards at the end of the wing and a second tip pointing downwards and backwards at an angle.

What is split Scimitar winglets?

What is the difference between winglets and raked wingtips?

A raked wing is not a winglet per se, but the tip of wing itself is swept back compared to the rest of the wing. The functionality is similar. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, some Boeing 777s and the Boeing 747-8 all have raked wingtips, not winglets.

What are raked wingtips?

Raked wingtips, where the tip has a greater wing sweep than the rest of the wing, are featured on some Boeing Commercial Airplanes to improve fuel efficiency, takeoff and climb performance. Like winglets, they increase the effective wing aspect ratio and diminish wingtip vortices, decreasing lift-induced drag.

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