What are the torque specs on a Dana 30?

What are the torque specs on a Dana 30?

Axle Type Cover Bolts FT. LBS. Pin. Bear Preload IN. LBS.
Dana 30 30-40 20-40 in.lbs
Dana 35 30-40 New 15-35 in.lbs Used 8-14 in.lbs
Dana 44 30-40 20-40 in.lbs
Dana 60 30-40 20-40 in.lbs

What is preload rear axle adjustment?

Bearings adjusted in preload are typical on pinion and ring gear shafts of heavy-duty axles. Preload is achieved by adjusting the bearings to a slight amount of bearing rolling torque. Rolling torque is a measure of a bearing’s resistance to rotate, indicating tightness in the bearing setting.

How much fluid does a Dana 30 hold?

1.3 Quarts
Jeep Wrangler Differential Fluid Capacity Chart

Jeep Wrangler JL Differential Fluid Capacity
Axle: 186 – Front Axle Non Rubicon Capacity: 1.82 Pints
Axle: Dana 30 Axle Capacity: 1.3 Quarts / 1.2 Liters
Axle: Dana 35 Axle Capacity: 1.8 Quarts / 1.7 Liters
Axle: Dana 44 Axle Capacity: 2.0 Quarts / 1.9 Liters

How do you find the preload on a bearing?

The requisite preload force can be estimated using:

  1. F = k d.
  2. a.
  3. i) Axial displacement method: The axial displacement method is based on the relationship between the preload force and the elastic deformations within the bearing arrangement.

How is preload differential calculated?

Measure the distance between the left and right bearing shoulders on both diffs. Then, measure the distance between the left shoulder bearing and the ring gear mounting flange. Adjust the bearing shims to put the ring gear in the original location and put the original amount of preload on the bearings.

Does a Dana 30 have a drain plug?

The standard TJ’s Dana 30, Dana 35, and Dana 44 do not have drain plugs.

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