What are the two types of electronic nautical chart?

What are the two types of electronic nautical chart?

There are two types of electronic charts that an ECDIS can display: Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs) and Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs,) otherwise known as vector charts.

How do I view RNC charts?

RNC charts can be downloaded in several ways. use theinteractive world map on the site and browse to your chart- as you click on the areas highlighted in red to denote chart areas-you will see the menu on the right of your screen showing the chart designation of the area you have clicked on in the chart window.

How do I download NOAA ENC charts?

You can download an individual ENC and view it in a free viewer like Caris Easy View or use the online ENC viewer hosted on NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey website.

What is the difference between an ENC and other electronic charts?

Electronic navigational charts are one of the two key elements of electronic navigation. An ECDIS functions as the hardware, while an ENC contains the dataset of relevant information for a voyage. Together, these two components create a powerful digital navigation solution.

Where can I buy a nautical paper chart in Australia?

Discounted prices for Australian published nautical paper charts are available to students enrolled in courses offered by maritime training institutions and to volunteer marine rescue organisations. Australian published paper nautical charts are commercially available through chart Distribution Agents. What do all the symbols on a paper chart mean?

What is the Digital Nautical Chart?

The Digital Nautical Chart (DNC) is produced by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and is a vector-based digital product containing maritime significant features essential for safe marine navigation. DNC, for areas in which the US is the prime charting authority, is unclassified.

What is an AUS chart?

Aus charts are official paper nautical charts published by the Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO), Australia’s national charting authority. Aus charts allow: Vessels navigating in Australia to meet SOLAS Chapter V regulations (and AMSA regulations 1) covering the carriage of charts and publications.

Where can I buy AUS and SLB charts?

AHO distribution agents sell AUS and SLB charts as single charts. Australian Indexes of paper nautical charts are available in paper form and as an interactive on-line catalogue. Aus 5000 – Australian Index of Nautical Charts – Northern Sheet.

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