What did garak do during the occupation?

What did garak do during the occupation?

During the occupation of Bajor, Garak was a Gul serving the Cardassian mechanized infantry, or so Garak tells Bashir during the episode “The Wire”.

Did Odo work for the Cardassians?

Cardassian occupation Odo continued working for the Cardassians, eventually becoming chief of security. In 2366, Odo investigated an assassination attempt (a bombing) on Dukat.

How long was the Cardassian occupation of Bajor?

fifty years
In 2318 the Cardassian Union, which had been taken over by a military dictatorship, invaded Bajor, occupying it for fifty years, during which time they forced many Bajorans into slave labor, using them in their various mining operations.

What happened to Garak on ds9?

Garak was exiled after being forced even to betray his father/mentor, and they parted bitterly. In fact, Tain refused to give his son any forgiveness when he died alongside Garak in a Dominion prison camp in 2373.

Are Garak and Bashir friends?

Not wanting Garak to die, Bashir is given information on how to fix it even after the Cardassian expresses disdain in their friendship. We not only see their friendship grow, but we get hints as to why Garak was exiled. Bashir is willing to help him no matter what and it all ends with them having lunch together.

Does Odo betray Kira?

In fact, Odo’s betrayal of Kira and Rom fits so perfectly with his established character that it is easy to gloss over just how groundbreaking and subversive this plot development actually is. This is a regular character on a Star Trek series, who has betrayed his colleagues to a fascist government.

What is the lifespan of a Cardassian?

“Cardassians of all races have an average lifespan of 98 years for men and 96 years for women. The highest recorded age attained by a Cardassian is 144 years”.

Why do the founders look like Odo?

Odo’s look was minimalist, and the Founder’s liked it. Alternatively, the Odo-type appearance of the Founders is their default appearance (perhaps a holdover from when they were Solids, too), and Odo himself just hadn’t the experience to hold a more complex form than his default.

Did Garak become leader of Cardassia?

Elim Garak was a member of the Cardassian Obsidian Order until his exile to the space station Terok Nor in 2368. After the Dominion War, he became a political figure, then served as Cardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets, and eventually Castellan of the Cardassian Union.

How did Garak betray Cardassia?

He first claimed he was a gul in the Cardassian Mechanized Infantry and was exiled for killing several Cardassians, including his first officer, a man named Elim, as well as the daughter of a prominent military official, who were on board a transport going from Bajor to space station Terok Nor, when he destroyed it.

What happens to Garak after DS9?

How was Odo cured?

With seconds left before Sloan’s brain shuts down, O’Brien recognizes the trap and tells Bashir to get them out of Sloan’s mind. Having obtained the chemical formula for the cure, Bashir administers the drug to Odo, curing him.

Do Odo and Kira break up?

After a couple of years, the couple decide to end their relationship. Kira then forms a romantic relationship with the shapeshifter Odo, who had pined after her for years, though this too ends when Odo rejoins his people in the Gamma Quadrant at the conclusion of the series.

Is president Rillak a Cardassian?

Star Trek Timeline [INTERACTIVE] Laira Rillak was a female Human, Bajoran, and Cardassian hybrid who lived during the late 32nd century. She served for many years as a Federation politician, before she was elected president of the rebuilding United Federation of Planets in 3190.

Is Odo a Cardassian?

Cardassians one day, Federation the next – but justice is justice. ” Odo was a Changeling who served as chief of security aboard the space station Terok Nor, later known as Deep Space 9. He was the only known Changeling to reject the Founders ’ beliefs and instead gained an appreciation for humanoid species.

How would you describe Odo from Deep Space 9?

Star Trek: Deep Space 9. The original Writer’s Bible from 1992 for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine described Odo as follows: Odo, an alien male, middle-aged curmudgeon, and a shape-shifter. In his natural state he is a gelatinous liquid. He was a Bajoran law enforcement officer on the space station under the Cardassians.

Are there Cardassians on Deep Space 9?

( DS9: ” Cardassians “) Of particular note was the fact that the tailor Elim Garak became the sole Cardassian aboard Deep Space 9. Neither the Federation nor the Bajorans knew Garak’s true motives for staying behind.

How did Odo come to be in DS9?

During early DS9 Season 1, Michael Piller explained that Odo ” was found near where this wormhole shows up, as an infant in a spacecraft, which we are going to assume probably came out of the Gamma Quadrant. But he has no idea where he came from and he’s always searching for his identity. ” (Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Unauthorized Story, p. 10)

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