What does natural progesterone cream do?

What does natural progesterone cream do?

Progesterone cream may help relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, decreased libido, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, and vaginal dryness. In addition, progesterone cream may help to prevent bone loss, wrinkles, and menopause-related weight gain.

Are progesterone creams safe?

Researchers warn that topical progesterone cream may not be a safe over-the-counter product. Progesterone cream is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and as the researchers note, long-term effects of progesterone products can be dangerous.

Does progesterone make you beautiful?

Having adequate progesterone will increase the quality of a woman’s life. It will ultimately help her to feel her best, and in turn, support her in looking her best!”

Are there any side effects to progesterone cream?

While progesterone creams are widely marketed as a treatment for menopausal symptoms and low progesterone levels, little medical research supports their effectiveness. In fact, their long-term use can cause side effects such as bloating, severe nausea, changes in heartbeat, and more.

What happens if you use progesterone cream everyday?

Using the cream continuously every day (instead of cyclic use) can sometimes cause irregular bleeding, so this method is usually reserved for those who don’t have that concern (Ex. post-menopause, post- hysterectomy/endometrial ablation).

How long does it take for natural progesterone cream to work?

This research suggests it could take several months for progesterone cream to work. A woman trying to conceive may not have months to wait for the cream to work.

How does progesterone make you feel?

Progesterone levels begin to rise after ovulation through the end of the menstrual cycle. Symptoms of high progesterone are similar to premenstrual syndrome and can include anxiety and agitation, blasting, breast swelling and tenderness, depression, fatigue, and weight gain.

Will progesterone cream help me lose weight?

One of the primary symptoms of this is weight gain. In all these effects note that progesterone does not directly cause weight loss. Instead it reduces the effect of other hormones in the body which are causing the weight gain. Think of it as allowing rather than causing the body to lose weight.

When should I use progesterone cream?

PMS Apply 1 pump 2X a day, starting the day after your period ends. Seven days before your period, increase application to 2 pumps 2X a day. Pre-Menopause If you have regular periods, apply 1 or 2 pumps 2X a day and stop using/do not apply during your period. Restart after period ends.

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