What does Spaz mean?

What does Spaz mean?

Noun. spaz (plural spazzes) (slang, derogatory, offensive) A stupid or incompetent person.

What’s another word for Spaz?

What is another word for spaz?

klutz lubber
butterfingers looby
dub lummox
bungler oaf
fumbler bumbler

What does spaz out mean in slang?

To lose one’s physical or emotional control
(slang, intransitive) To lose one’s physical or emotional control. (slang, of a tool, machine, or similar) To stop working properly. Oh no, my pen’s spazzed out!

What does Spazzing mean in text?

Spaz is defined as to lose control over your physical or mental actions. When you start flailing your arms and shouting nonsense, this is an example of a situation where you spaz. verb.

Where does Spaz come from?

In the U.S., a verb form of spaz, also appearing as spaz out, came to refer to losing physical control or simply acting “weird” or “uncool.” It’s unclear how long these derogatory senses have been kicking around, since they were evidently taboo from early on and considered unfit for publication.

What does Spaz mean in England?

an incompetent person
spaz in British English (spæz ) offensive, slang. noun. an incompetent person. verbWord forms: spazzes, spazzing or spazzed (intransitive)

Is Spaz a real word?

Definition of spaz an awkward or clumsy person. verb (used without object), spazzed, spaz·zing.

Is Spaz an adjective?

nounplural noun spazzes An incompetent or uncoordinated person.

Is Spaz a real Word?

What is a spaz in America?

In American slang, the term ‘spaz’ has evolved from a derogatory description of people with disabilities, and is generally understood as a casual word for clumsiness, otherness, sometimes associated with overexcitability, excessive startle response (“jumpiness”), excessive energy, involuntary or random movement, or …

Is spastic a rude word?

When people use the R-word, or spastic and spaz, it is often to insult someone, or to call someone or something stupid or uncoordinated. What’s wrong with this? Simply it’s hurtful and derogatory. These words suggest people with a disability are stupid or flawed.

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