What does YSL L intense smell like?

What does YSL L intense smell like?

It opens with a bright citrus blend of lemon, orange, and of course orange blossom. There is a spiciness from pepper and it’s all swimming in a warm/sweet amber note.

What kind of scent is YSL?

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris is a floral fragrance that offers a sweet and romantic finish. What does Yves Saint Laurent Libre smell like? Yves Saint Lauren Libre is a bold and unique floral scent with notes of lavender, moroccan orange blossom, and musk accord.

Is YSL intense for men?

main accords L’Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent is a Amber Woody fragrance for men.

What is Parfum Intense?

Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense is a signature fragrance, unveiling a different, invisible, and sensual touch to our eveningwear universe. A vibrant and long-lasting scent.

How long does Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l’Homme last?

A: I typically get 6-8hrs. 5hrs being really good and the last 2hrs more of a skin scent.

Does YSL perfume smell good?

This YSL fragrance has been a favorite for decades (since 1977, to be exact)—and for good reason. The perfect combination of florals, spices, and wood notes gives it an unforgettable scent. Stand-out aromas of mandarin, bergamot, and jasmine also make it ideal for anyone looking to leave an impression on all they pass.

What does intense perfume mean?

Intense perfumes are fragrances with high doses of personality, many of which leave their mark and take us back to unrepeatable moments: those who buy a fragrance usually want to buy an intense perfume, those who smell us and ask us what perfume we wear, as well as the wake that impregnates everything we touch.

What are the best fragrances from Yves Saint Laurent?

Yves Saint Laurent’s l’homme is a very classy, sophisticated fragrance and a staple in most fragheads their collections. l’homme opens up with blast of the bergamot and lemon as the Fragrantica notes mention.

What is L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent?

L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. L’Homme was launched in 2006. L’Homme was created by Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye, Dominique Ropion and Juliette Karagueuzoglou.

What is L’Homme Parfum intense?

L’Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent is a Amber Woody fragrance for men. L’Homme Parfum Intense was launched in 2013. L’Homme Parfum Intense was created by Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion.

What does l’Homme YSL smell like?

Perfect 10/10. L’Homme YSL is a spicy, floral and aromatic fragrance. It opens with a soft citrus and a beautiful and ozonic feeling due to the violet leaves and ginger, this phase is very cheerful and sparkling. The last phase is more spicy and a little sweet, with a pleasant drying of vanilla and haba tonka.

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