What is a clinical audiologist?

What is a clinical audiologist?

Clinical audiologists are healthcare professionals who measure and evaluate a person’s ability to hear sounds. They specialize in the treatment of people with hearing disorders.

How does an audiologist test hearing?

An audiometry test is when the audiologist uses different sounds to check how well you can hear. You will usually wear headphones, earphones or sometimes bone-conduction headband. The sensitivity of your hearing at different frequencies will be tested and the results are shown on a type of graph called an audiogram.

Why study Audiology?

A rewarding career Audiologists work with people who have hearing and balance disorders. If you like interacting with people, are fascinated by cutting-edge technology and want diverse career options, then audiology may be for you.

Do audiologists need to go to medical school?

Do Audiologists Go To Medical School? Audiologists must complete a postgraduate degree, AuD to practice in the United States. It is a different degree than those who complete a Medical degree.

Does tinnitus affect hearing test?

Tinnitus can affect your hearing test by making it harder for you to identify certain words and pitches associated with the test, but the good news is that hearing professionals are trained to administer tests to those who have tinnitus. They key is to let them know that you have it before you begin.

What are 3 important qualities to have for an audiologist?

What Qualities Should You Look for in an Audiologist?

  • Fantastic patience. An excellent audiologist will be able to display fantastic patience when treating you.
  • Brilliant problem-solving skills.
  • Wonderful communication.
  • Terrific time management.
  • A friendly and empathetic demeanor.

Is audiologist in demand in Australia?

Is an audiologist considered an in-demand career? Although audiology is a small occupation group in Australia, there is still very strong growth in the industry. The Australian Labour Market Update expects the industry to grow by 32.6% over the five-year period from 2018 to 2022.

Why study Clinical Audiology at La Trobe?

Why study clinical audiology at La Trobe? La Trobe is in the top 1% of universities worldwide. La Trobe’s clinical, pre-clinical and health subjects are ranked in the world’s top 200. Successful completion of an Australian bachelor degree (or equivalent).

How do I qualify for a Master of Clinical Audiology?

For more information, please refer to the La Trobe University Handbook. To qualify for the award of Master of Clinical Audiology, students must complete a total of 240 credit points across 2 years. Core subjects are required subjects in your course.

How do I register for a Latrobe clinic?

Call our clinic reception to register or enquire about our services on (03) 9479 1921 between 9am–4pm Monday to Friday or send an email to [email protected].

Why study audiology?

Why study audiology? Audiologists work to preserve and improve the hearing of others. An audiologist focusses on conditions of the inner and middle ear. Audiologists conduct specialised tests to diagnose auditory disorders.

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