What is an example of a crescendo?

What is an example of a crescendo?

To crescendo means to gradually grow in volume or intensity. An example of crescendo is when a song starts gradually getting louder.

What does crescendo mean?

a gradual increase
Definition of crescendo (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a gradual increase a crescendo of excitement specifically : a gradual increase in volume of a musical passage.

How do you use in short in a sentence?

In short, they want the best. In short, he wants to win more than anyone you could name. In short, it was for the bank to show that it lacked constructive notice of the impropriety of the relevant arrangements. We don’t know anything, in short.

What’s another word for crescendo?

What is another word for crescendo?

peak summit
apex height
apogee climax
crest acme
crown culmination

How do you use crescendo in a sentence?

Crescendo sentence example

  1. The sound began as light pecks on the window, and quickly grew to a crescendo of crashing rocks.
  2. Glamour photography hit its crescendo during World War II.
  3. A roar rose like in a great crescendo from the crowd.

How do you write a crescendo?

The crescendo is indicated in musical notation in the same space as the other dynamic markings of the score. It can be utilized by writing out the word ‘crescendo,’ its abbreviation, ‘cresc.,’ or the use of a hairpin.

What is the opposite of crescendo?

Decrescendo is the opposite of crescendo, which refers to the gradual increase in the loudness of a musical passage.

Can you reach a crescendo?

But here’s the thing: as God — along with Bach, Beethoven and Mozart — is my witness, you cannot “reach” a crescendo. A crescendo is the process, in music, of getting louder. It comes from the Italian crescere, “to grow.” Grammatically speaking, crescendo is the gerund of crescere.

What follows crescendo?

For slow transitions between dynamics, a composer must use a crescendo or a decrescendo (diminuendo). A crescendo is used for gradually getting louder, and a decrescendo or diminuendo is used for gradually getting softer.

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