What is GE TT?

What is GE TT?

Ge.tt is a clever, instant file-sharing webapp that makes sharing files simple and fast. You can share a link to your file(s) immediately, without waiting for the upload to complete, and it doesn’t use Flash, Java applets, or any other plug-ins.

What happened to GE TT?

Ge.tt was acquired by Keepit on Jan 13, 2015 .

Is GE TT down?

Check all ge.tt outages. Ge.tt is DOWN for everyone.

What caused the downfall of GE?

2008: GE in Crisis The 2008 financial crisis hit GE hard. The company’s stock fell 42% during the year, and after Welch’s departure, it became clear that GE was overstretched and bloated. Losses by the GE Capital financial segment nearly sank the company during the Great Recession.

Is GE a good stock to buy 2022?

On a brighter note, the sell-off in the stock means GE now trades at a market cap of just $82.5 billion. Even if it only hits the low end of the free-cash-flow (FCF) 2022 guidance range of $5.5 billion to $6.5 billion, the stock will trade at just 15 times FCF in 2022.

Is GE Good for home security?

GE Home Security 1 Systems and Devices. For decades General Electric has been known for cutting edge technology. 2 General Electric Security Pros. GE develops and manufactures its products, but when it comes to actual home security installation GE utilizes a worldwide network if GE Security Pros. 3 Wireless GE Security Devices.

What are the GE psirt vulnerability management procedures?

GE PSIRT Product Security Incident and Vulnerability Management procedures are consistent with ISO 29147 and 30111 for identifying, validating, mitigating, and communicating vulnerabilities in GE products.

How does GE gas power protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats?

The critical infrastructure sectors that GE Gas Power’s products support are subject to an ever-changing cyber threat landscape. As such, GE Gas Power continuously integrates end-to-end cybersecurity to help ensure integrity throughout the product lifecycle.

Do I need special software or plug-ins to use GE?

With Ge.tt there is no need for special software or plug-ins. It is a simple file sharing and publishing tool for all types of materials including documents, video, music and photos.

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