What is new planning Bill UK?

What is new planning Bill UK?

The government has today (11 May 2022) introduced plans to transform struggling towns and cities, supporting local leaders to take back control of regeneration, ending the blight of empty shops on their high streets and delivering the quality homes that communities need.

What is the planning reform?

This briefing summarises the housing and planning proposals of most relevance and significance to local government. It also provides the LGA’s initial reaction to the proposals along with our policy messages, which may necessarily evolve as discussions on the proposals continue.

What is the planning white paper?

The white paper proposes a whole suite of changes to the planning system. The government said that its focus was to remove red tape and increase the rate of building new homes – which sounds promising, as we know that the country badly needs more homes, and primarily ones that are truly affordable.

How does Brexit potentially affect planning policy?

The most immediate effect of Brexit on planning is the potential slowdown in development coming forward as a result of wider economic considerations. With the exception of the Heathrow delay, government infrastructure projects appear to be proceeding, with an express effort to make this clear.

How far can you extend without planning permission UK 2022?

Detached House Extension Rules 2022 Under permitted development for a detached house, you can extend up to 4m under permitted development, and up to 8m under the larger home extensions scheme / prior approval.

What is the future homes standard?

The Future Homes Standard outlines changes to Building Regulations Part L (conservation of fuel and power) and Part F (ventilation) that will ultimately come into effect in 2025 to ensure that all new homes in England are futureproofed with low-carbon heating systems and high levels of energy efficiency.

What are the permitted development rules?

Rules, known as ‘permitted development’ rights, allow you to extend a house without needing to apply for planning permission if specific limitations and conditions are met. If you want to exceed these, then it is likely that an application for householder planning permission will be required.

What are the advantages of Brexit?

There are a great many benefits to Brexit: control of our democracy, borders and waters; control of our own money, helping us to level up across the country; the freedom to regulate in a more proportionate and agile way that works for our great British businesses; benefits for people that put money back in their …

What is Part L Building Regulations?

Part L is a building regulation that concerns construction projects that are new, or result in the change of use of a dwelling or all other buildings in England. It sets the standards for the energy performance and carbon emissions of new and existing buildings.

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