What is the abbreviation for bus?

What is the abbreviation for bus?


Acronym Definition
BUS Omnibus
BUS Bank of the United States
BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server (ATM)
BUS Business Units

What is the abbreviation of MTA?


Acronym Definition
MTA Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York, NY, USA)
MTA Mail Transfer Agent (Internet E-Mail)
MTA Mount Allison University
MTA Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

What is the abbreviation of TDF?


Acronym Definition
TDF To Die For
TDF Tour de Force
TDF Target Date Fund (retirement investment option)
TDF Tropical Disease Foundation (est. 1984; Philippines)

What does Oase stand for?


Acronym Definition
OASE Open Access to Scientific Literature
OASE Open Aanbod Software Expertise (Dutch: Open Offer Software Expertise; open source project; Netherlands)
OASE Oregon Association of School Executives (Salem, OR)

What does bus stand for in electrical?

In power engineering, a “bus” is any graph node of the single-line diagram at which voltage, current, power flow, or other quantities are to be evaluated. This may correspond to the physical busbars in substation.

What does bus mean in electronics?

(1) A bus is a network topology or circuit arrangement in which all devices are attached to a line directly and all signals pass through each of the devices. Each device has a unique identity and can recognize those signals intended for it.

What is electrical bus duct?

Bus duct is used in commercial and industrial settings to conduct electricity to power cables or cable bus. Structurally, a bus duct is a sheet metal duct containing either aluminum or copper busbars (metallic strips or bars that conduct a substantial electrical current) in a grounded metal enclosure.

What are different types of bus system?

Three types of bus are used.

  • Address bus – carries memory addresses from the processor to other components such as primary storage and input/output devices.
  • Data bus – carries the data between the processor and other components.
  • Control bus – carries control signals from the processor to other components.

What is the use of MAR and MDR?

memory address register (MAR) – holds the address of the current instruction that is to be fetched from memory, or the address in memory to which data is to be transferred. memory data register (MDR) – holds the contents found at the address held in the MAR, or data which is to be transferred to primary memory.

What is a bus duct system?

What is PV bus?

PV: a bus that has a generator at it which is regulating the terminal voltage to a voltage setpoint will be called a PV bus.

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