What is the best Covenant for a protection paladin?

What is the best Covenant for a protection paladin?

While all of the Covenants have their place some simply perform better on a day-to-day basis than others. Kyrian and Venthyr are the two that stand out the most for Protection Paladin due to their powerful Class Abilities and Soulbinds. Venthyr — Strong single-target DPS, group healing, and the ability to teleport!

Are Protection Paladins good?

Prot. Paladin scales very well with stats because they are very impactful and it’s very difficult to hit diminishing returns on three secondary stats. This makes gearing very flexible overall such that more gear options exist, and any piece has at least one good secondary stat on it.

What stats are important for prot paladin?

Defensively, the stat priority for Protection Paladins are as follows:

  • Haste;
  • Mastery;
  • Versatility;
  • Critical Strike.

Can prot Paladins tank Maiden?

In contrast to some people’s belief, paladin tanks can tank Maiden well despite Holy Ground’s silence. The silence effect only lasts one second for every three seconds.

Can a paladin tank Karazhan?

As far as able to do raiding level tanking? Paladins can do it all from Karazhan to Sunwell.

Why is the Maiden of Virtue in Karazhan?

Maiden of Virtue is an optional boss in Karazhan. The Maiden of Virtue boss encounter is a basic positioning fight, requiring raid members to be positioned properly, to avoid being Repentanced and avoid chaining Holy Wrath. Once the positioning requirements are met, this is a fairly straight forward encounter.

Is Ilvl better than stats?

Everything has stat weights and higher item levels means more stats. Ilvl is usefull in getting in groups/ ilvl restricted systems . In actual productivity of your class, it is bad. Stats are definitely > ilvl, but only if they prove to provide a substantial buff.

How much defense does a prot paladin need?

For both Paladins and Warriors, you’ll need 490 defence skill, which is equivalent to 285 defence rating with Anticipation and your regular defence skill at 350. Without Anticipation, you will need 332 defence rating to reach cap.

What glyphs are good for protection Paladins?

There are only three minor glyphs that offer any use at all to a Protection Paladin, and they all offer it in the form of reduced mana cost on abilities that are generally used out of combat. Glyph of Blessing of Kings, which reduces the mana cost of Blessing of Kings by 50%.

What is the gearing up guide for protection Paladins?

This article is a gearing up guide for Protection Paladins. It is updated for WoW 4.3. It first presents the best in slot items before listing, slot by slot, all the items, with a level higher than 346, that you can acquire in the game. We also explain how you will be competing for loot with other classes.

Are there any talent builds for Protection Paladin?

Common Talent Builds ↑top As a Protection Paladin, your choice of talent builds is very limited. To be entirely competitive, you will have to choose one of the two following builds, although there are a few other optional talents you can consider. This is the standard Protection Paladin talent build.

What are the best glyphs to use for damage reduction?

Glyph of Divine Plea is a must add for damage reduction. Glyph of Righteous Defense which will help you land your taunts.

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