What is the difference between ER4043 and ER5356?

What is the difference between ER4043 and ER5356?

For general maintenance, the most commonly used wire types are ER4043 and ER5356. ER4043 is commonly used for non-critical maintenance work. It is adaptable to many aluminum base metals. ER5356 is a stiffer wire than ER4043 and is used when more rigid, higher strength properties are needed.

What is ER4043 welding wire used for?

DESCRIPTION: Pinnacle Alloys ER4043 is a 5% silicon, all position aluminum weld wire used to weld heat treatable alloys such as the 6XXX base metals and cast alloys. It can be found in many common welding applications, such as bicycles, trucks, trailers, and automotive parts and equipment.

What is the best TIG welding rod for aluminum?

Choose the right TIG filler metal. Some of the most commonly used alloys for TIG welding aluminum are 4043, 4047, 4943 and 5356. The 4xxx series filler metals share many similar characteristics. A 4043 rod is a good all-around filler metal for general fabrication.

What is the melting point of 4043 aluminum?


Physical Properties Metric English
Melting Point 573.9 – 632 °C 1065 – 1170 °F
Solidus 573.9 °C 1065 °F
Liquidus 632 °C 1170 °F
Processing Properties Metric English

Can you anodize 4043 aluminum?

A weld with 4043 that is anodized will stick out since it will anodize a dark gray.

What aluminum filler rod do you use for anodizing?

5356 welded
The use of 5356 welded rod is strongly recommended, though some discoloration will still occur. 4043 is the worst choice because it will turn a sooty black when anodized.

What is purple tungsten for?

The purple tungsten is a rare-earth electrode that replaces thoriated tungsten without the residual radioactivity. Its ease of use and narrow arc makes it preferred for welding stainless steel.

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