What is the difference between first aid and senior first aid?

What is the difference between first aid and senior first aid?

The differences between basic first aid and senior first aid, is basic first aid is about providing CPR in an emergency situation. Senior first aid will teach you this, as well as prepare you for other possible life threatening situations like poisonous bites, airway management, seizures and bleeding.

What is a senior first aid certificate in Australia?

The HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course (formerly known as Senior First Aid) is the minimum competency required by Work Health & Safety Legislation for the workplace first aider, which is suitable for everyday emergency situations. OHSA delivers this course to both the public and via in-house courses.

How much does a first aid course cost in Australia?

TAFE NSW first aid certificate in-person classes, take one day to complete, and take 1 to 12 weeks to complete for online classes. First aid and CPR courses at TAFE NSW, cost between $70 and $175,depending on certificate level. In Australia, a first aid certificate is valid for three years.

How long is a first aid Level 1 course?

2 days
First Aid Level 1 (2 days)

Can I give first aid if my certificate has expired?

Once the certificate has expired, the first aider will no longer be deemed competent to act as a first aider until they have successfully completed a further course.

Why choose a St John first aid course in Bunbury?

Whether you’re after first aid training for yourself or for work requirements, a St John first aid course through the Bunbury Sub-Centre will give you the life-saving skills to save someone’s life in a medical emergency. See below for some of our popular first aid courses on offer in Bunbury or, see all courses here.

What is the St John Ambulance first aid course?

The flagship St John Ambulance first aid course covers a broad range of topics to enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations and provide a first aid response to a casualty. It is suitable to both people in workplaces and members of the public who want training in first aid.

Where can I find a first aid course in Australia?

Accessing our training courses. St John delivers first aid courses in more locations in Australia than any other training provider. St John also offers a number of first aid courses online through a mixture of e-learning, DVD or workbook formats together with some practical face-to-face training.

What does first aid training involve?

Training in first aid responses and life support‚ this course includes management of casualties, the incident and other first aiders and covers a range of situations, including in the home, workplace or within the community to manage a first aid emergency until medical assistance arrives.

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